Source: ritual killing . So much evil is perpetrated on this day.


How would you celebrate Valentine's Day without your husband?

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Mrs. Dickson thought having fun with her family on Valentine's Day was the best that could happen to her although her husband has traveled. But when she remembered one of her pastor's sermons on giving, she had a change of heart. She thought that at least putting a smile on the faces of the less privileged around her would not make her hungry and neither would it make her family beggars.

Millions of people out there are dying of hunger and illness. At least if every home could cater for such people, it would reduce untimely death to the barest minimum. It would bring joy to many homes.How would you celebrate Valentine's Day without your husband?

I don't really believe in Valentine because the scripture says we should love one another as ourselves.

There is no specific day set aside for love. Love is to be shared everyday, not on Valentine's Day alone. Today, the entire world has set this day aside as a day of love and all kinds of evil are being perpetrated by our youths, especially singles all in the name of Valentine.

I suggest we should enlighten married women and youths about this celebration, so that they will start having positive thoughts of love and caring for their husbands.

Valentine's Day is lovers' day, a day to express love and to be loved. Everyone appreciates being loved by others, irrespective of sex or status. As a woman, Valentine's Day without your spouse will obviously leave a vacuum, except he is on business trip. Then you can make yourself happy by inviting friends to have fun with at home. In the twinkling of an eye, you would discover the day is over and you have had a splendid day. But if that is not the case, you would feel dejected and not loved but what ever the case, endeavour to have a lovely day with your husband.

Well it would not have made so much difference anyway. But that is not the main issue.

Valentine, as the name implies means season of love and exchanging gifts with loved ones. It is not restricted to people you know or the opposite sex as it's obviously practiced today. Unfortunately, there are so many things people do not realize about Valentine's Day.

Going by the history of Valentine's Day, it should be a period of sober reflection, a period of sympathy for the poor, the less privileged, the orphans, destitute, contrary to what happens today. Today, infidelity is the order of the day. Mark it, many decent ladies on Valentine's Day lose their dignity, they lose their pride to irresponsible boys, boys without vision all in the name of Valentine and misconception of what the day is all about. Many ladies, if not raped are de-flowered; many are kidnapped for various purposes ranging from ritual killing . So much evil is perpetrated on this day.

Every religious organization should shoulder the responsibility of inculcating decency in their followers… the young ones especially on a day like this.

There are few religious groups that organise special programmes for their youths on such days; it prevents them from indulging in nefarious and ungodly acts because an idle hand is the devil's workshop. This also applies to the Easter season, a time for sober reflection, a time to think really deep on the death of Christ, the agony he went through on the cross, all because of sinners. Many see it as a period of eating, drinking, smoking, merry-making and fooling around.

People should be enlightened on what Valentine's Day is about. It should be a day of generousity; a day we give out to the less privileged in our society; the destitute, the orphans, the widows/widowers. It should be a day we turn lives around for the better. People should remember this day and appreciate God for their lives, not a day of spending while others die of hunger.

I don't think I can ever celebrate Valentine's Day without my husband, because Valentine's means lovers' day and because of that, my love is for my husband and family first before any one else. No one can take the place of my husband.

I think it is important you celebrate Valentine's Day with your husband or wife. Valentine is meant to be celebrated with loved ones, not necessarily your spouse.

I can celebrate without my husband.
Yes of course, I can celebrate Valentine's without my husband. For instance he travels abroad; it does not mean I should express my love to someone else.

It is unfortunate today that most people have negative perception of the day.

Valentine's Day is a day to express love and to exchange gifts with one another.

I can express my love to friends, exchange gifts with them and my children also can buy gifts for me. It is not about the opposite sex alone, no.

It is all about fun and you can have it anywhere, anytime, not necessarily when your husband is around and when he returns, we celebrate it together.

On Valentine's Day, if my husband is not by me , it is just like something is missing in me. It is like a broken heart, pain in my ribs and incompleteness.

No, I cannot celebrate without my husband because he is the one that can give real meaning to the day. He alone can keep the day alive. I cherish him dearly, so I would want him around, so he can take me to places and make the day fulfilled.

Valentine's Day would be better off with my husband, but if he is not there, I'll still be fine.

Valentine's Day is not really a period of merry making, but rather, it is a period we are to reach out to the less privileged around us. After we must have fulfilled this mission, then we have accomplished the reason for the day.

It is a time to make this world a better place for us all; the rich should help lift the poor and in so doing, would reduce to the barest minimum the number of the destitute around us.