NANS warn Federal Polytechnic Okos management to stop using its name in fighting war

By Mazi Odera

-----says employment was based on sex and bribe
-----Polytechnic says nothing like that
National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) yesterday expressed dismay on the consistent and surreptitious use of its name by the Management of Federal Polytechnic, Oko to cause publication in National Dailies targeted to obstruct the appointment of a Governing Council to the Institution by the Federal Government.

In a press statement by the NANS National Secretariat, endorsed by Chairman Communiqué drafting Committee, Comrade Chidi Obasi Michael, NANS urged the general public to note that it is not in NANS interest/ function to delve into Governing Council Affairs cum appointments.

''while we at NANS want to use this medium to distance ourselves from those publication , we also advise the management of the Institution to desist forthwith from using NANS as smokescreen to achieve its misplaced priority''..

''NANS Secretariat wishes to inform the general public that it is not our interest/ function to delve into council affairs cum appointments. Furthermore, we wish to restate the senate decision so far made public on this matter, Ref NAN/HHQ/001/081/V.1/13 OF 2ND May, 2013 that NANS is not a political organization neither do Polytechnics produce graduates of Political Sciences, and Rector , Prof Godwin Onu , a Political Scientist graduate is now meddling with NANS as a tool for attaining his political ambition of remaining in power to continue to perpetuate his personal selfish/ grabbing interest/ ambition.

The NANS statement further stated ''While we do not join issues with anybody, we wish to state categorically that the students body is peeved that:

''The Rector at present has numerous mansions, estates , hectares of land developed and undeveloped locations in Awka and Obotu Village Ezira, Orumba South LGA, his country home. He has two imposing two storey buildings with two bungalows with the state of the Arts gadgets , all within a period of three years. Others are located at Amawbia bye pass , with mighty duplexes , a massive building with a ware house opposite his residential house at Umukabia Layout Amawbia as well as Hostel buildings for students within three years of his stewardship in both Oko and Awka.

''………Newspaper was against imaginary enemies/ bodies is a mere distraction to conceal financial recklessness which does not solve the problems on ground. Remember , he who goes to equity must have clean hands.

NANS further stated that ,'' bloated student admission intake even after matriculation with payments/ fees paid into some personal accounts in banks depicts some lapses and fraud. Admitting students without spaces/ classrooms to stay and study should be addressed immediately.

''Renovating old buildings at inflated costs of new structures has been the norms in the Polytechnic and we must stand against this!

''The PolyNews (money spinning machine of the Rector) is printed every week and distributed all over Nigeria describing him as the Rector of the moment –your Image maker we know. Enough is enough, leave NANS alone please.

''As public servant are these properties / businesses so acquired within three years of your stewardship ever reflected in the filled forms of Code of Conduct Bureau or are you and your cohorts not public servants?

NANS concluded thus'' Employment made so far in the institution were based on bribe/sex scandal with an unprecedented number of staff not needed in many areas they are posted. A cursory look at the alarming number of staff so far employed and staggering number of students intake this year alone , made simply to enrich himself (the Rector) and his boys described him as so called ''Rector of the Moment''—which by this standard is deceitful and constitute administrative blunder.