You'll account for our women, children someday - NEF tell Jonathan

By The Citizen

Northern elders has spurned the benevolence by President Goodluck Jonathan ordering the release of terror suspects from prisons across the region, saying he would at some point in time be made to account for the women and children seized by security agents based on unverified terrorism charges.

The northern elders are miffed that the Federal Government under President Jonathan, allowed innocent women and children, who should be spared even in times of war, to be taken captive and incarcerated in dehumanising conditions for many months without trial.

The elders, who spoke to Vanguard yesterday through their spokesman, Prof Ango Abdullahi, noted

with dismay that the administration had allowed innocent women and children to suffer untold hardship for offences they did not commit.

Abdullahi said:  'Let me tell you that what the government did by ordering the release of suspected terrorists was borne out of shame and guilt being suffered by it for clamping innocent women and children into detention camps or what you may call Nigeria's 'Guantanamo Bay', which are scattered all over the place.