Who says Jonathan cannot be VP again

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Who says Jonathan cannot be VP again
I read The Guardian, Saturday February 6, 2009, page 14 a story “South-South: Who

Succeeds Jonathan?” written by one Willie Etim based in Yenagoa, he had suggested

those waiting in the wings as Timi Alaibe (former NDDC Managing Director), James Ibori

(former governor of Delta State) and Peter Odili (former governor of Rivers State).

I then was tempted to ask The Guardian and Willie Etim who told them that Jonathan, after

being acting President (without making him a substantive one) for the period left for Yar'

Adua, would not be considered as the Vice President for another northerner come 2011 –

going by the zoning system?
To start with the names suggested in The Guardian article: None of those being touted

would merit becoming the next VP of Nigeria under PDP should Jonathan decline to be. We

have all heard from an ex-militant (General Boyloaf) who claimed that the first N20million

he got to form his militant garrison came from Alaibe when he was with the NDDC.

It is irony to suggest James Ibori who is standing trial for obvious frauds and corruptions.

Also Peter Odili, most Nigerians are aware of how he promoted the militancy in the Niger

Delta just for personal political exigencies. Furthermore, Odili cannot visit his village in

Rivers State for fear of being lynched due to his misrule of the State. He is also standing

charges by the EFCC on corrupt practices as governor of Rivers State.

Nigeria deserves respect within the international community. Even if there should be need

to look for VP stuff in the south-south region (should Jonathan decline), and if Nigeria

agrees that such position should come from ex-governors, what about those Jonathan's

counterparts; former governors who walk the streets freely with clean records, so to say,

like Victor Attah and Donald Duke?
Jonathan is eminently qualified to return to his Vice-President seat as provided by zoning

come 2011, more so if he completed his Presidency on acting capacity. There is nothing

wrong with that, after all we all remember how (even) a substantive President in South

Africa later served as a Vice-President to Dr. Nelson Mandela's presidency.

Alhaji (Dr.) Ahmed Mustapha
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