US Okays Guinea transition government


Washington Fri. Feb. 19, 2010 African Examiner -The United States says it welcomes Prime

Minister Jean-Marie Dore's appointment of a transition government in Guinea noting that

the 34-member cabinet which includes 24 civilians represents an important step towards

restoring civilian control of the Guinean Government and the country's transition process.

The United States stated in a statement Issued by the state department in Washington

that ''it looks forward to working with Guinea -- in collaboration with our international

partners -- to help facilitate the establishment of a democratically-elected government,

restore economic and political development programs and assist the Guinean Armed

Forces in their goal of security sector reform.''
''with the January 15 signing of the Ouagadougou Accords, the subsequent appointment

of a civilian prime minister, and now a civilian transition government, interim President

General Sekouba Konate and the Guinean Government continue to demonstrate their

commitment to a peaceful transition to a democratically elected civilian government.'' the

statement noted
Under the Ouagadougou Accords, the government is slated to hold elections within six


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