The Presidency: FEC’s Raucous Conference and Six-Man Delegates

By Nwaorgu Faustinus Chilee

All appears our dear country, and her hard-fought and won democracy is not out of the woods yet, following recent development at the corridor of power. While Nigerians are about to settle down with the alleged rumour being sold to the world in a national newspaper by bootlickers, retrogressive forces, political jobbers and anti-Goodluck Jonathan presidency, that the Acting President, “approved the expenditure of a whopping N300 billion, for both pro-Yar'Adua rallies and those that were in his interest.” The rest of the purported remour is within the public knowledge, domain and as such should be discountenanced by right thinking Nigerians.

Having identified their campaign of calumny aimed at pulling the Acting President down and to present him to the general public as a man lacking in honesty, transparency and integrity, it therefore, behooves the initiators of this dastardly act and their co-travelers to retrace their steps from the path of destruction on which they are traveling and support the Acting President by offering him their invaluable counsel on how to turn around the fortunes of Nigeria for the betterment of her citizenry, instead of being cog against her wheel of progress.

While it looks there is no end to the controversial issue of President Umaru Musa Yar Adua's health status, given what may be described as the last straw that did break the camel's back, orchestrated by the former DG of NAFDAC, now Minister of Information and Communication, Professor Dora Akunyili's Memo to the FEC last week, which pitched her against some powerful interest groups, Nigeria still have an uphill task to surmount. This is not unconnected to the noisy session held by the FEC yesterday, occasioned by Foreign affairs Minister, Mr. Ojo Maduekwe's motion to declare President Musa Yar Adua incapacitated and unfit to rule Nigeria, which according to reports split FEC into two groups, North and South.

For almost four months now, the managers of our President's health have not been honest enough to tell Nigerians and the world in general the true status of his health; whether he is capable or not to continue running the affairs of this nation. The hide and seek game and much ado about the President's health is not good for a country like ours. Does it mean that the health status of the President of late has become a classified issue that need not be revealed to the public for ulterior motive? Only a few in the known can tell us.

I have continued to wonder just as many Nigerians, why the three delegations from the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Governors Forum who visited Saudi Arabia recently could not have access to him. Is there something unbecoming somebody very close to Our President knows that Nigerians do not know which has prolonged this hide and seek political game as regards the president's health.

Only time will definitely tell when the Six-man or delegates sent to Saudi Arabia comes back to Nigeria, assuming they are not bared to see him (the President) by God knows who.

The National Assembly, House of Representative, FEC and all concerned in the Project called Nigeria, let us always be on the right path while eschewing transient nature of power, greed, unnecessary loyalty and personal interest.

Nwaorgu Faustinus Chilee, a Scio-political Commentator, writes from Igboeche, Port Harcourt Rivers State