Who is this nuisance?
Who is this criminal?
Who is Asari Dokubo?
He said he will destroy Nigeria if Goodluck Jonathan is not allowed to re-contest for president.

He rains stones of insult on the highly respect able race of Yoruba.

Ordinarily, silence is a good answer for personality like a man who is liable for treasonable felony. Who has carried weapon against the state. He was granted amnesty by the late President Umar Musa Yaradua, was released from prison. An abuse of the privilege is the abuse of amnesty.

The criminal has not sober yet, today, the terrorist said he will go back to bush and backslide, if Ebele Jonathan is not allowed to contest for the second term. Well! That is definitely the disadvantage of amnesty, when a criminal does not suffer for his crime, he does not know the reality and implication of his anti-state disposition.

Who is this man that vomits maggots from mouth, that threatens with his lips the unity and peace of the country? Does he knows that no one has the monopoly of violence, the O P C in the Western region are sophisticated enough to cause mayhem but adopts maturity in their dealing. He ignorantly brags like he has the monopoly of terror.

A desert of intelligent compares Ebele Jonathan government with that of Mohammedu Buhari. He compares the level of development in Dubai with Nigeria. How far has his benefactor president developed Nigeria, an oil producing country, compare to what is obtainable in Dubai?

How can a single man, a terrorist, tell Nigerian what to do and who to vote for?

Nigerian masses will decide either Ebele Jonathan will continue or not, not a man who if all things been equal would have been sentenced to life imprisonment or death by anging.


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