Having watched and observed with raft attention, the upheavals,violence,maiming,religious bigotry that has raised its ugly head at the 2011 post election, which variably or invariably could be linked to political desperado's and underdogs who allegedly want to use its ugly tool to upset the peaceful coexistence in the country in their false claim to indirectly revolutionalized the country .

Funny enough our directionless leaders and desperate acclaimed revolutionalist don't know our route or history and therefore don't know where to take us to, while it has been evidential that since independence in 1960 ethnic and religious violence has raised its ugly head which could also be assumed to be masterminded by some inpatriots from the troubled region ,but they forgot to understand the fact that such a tool could yield or score them low or none political points ,hence ethnic biases, reprisal attacks etc abound thereby disunifying their solidarity from counter or opposite groups to achieve their selfish national desires.

In view of Karl max philosophy and ideology, it could be understood that he posited that unemployment, inflation etc (brain child of economic downturns) is the bomb politicians and government have planted that will destroy and dethrone them, therefore it is in the light of these that even the deaf and daft would know revolution is not miles away, taking cognizance of our history in 1929 where the Aba market women took to the streets to protest the increment of tax and fees levied on them, the protest and riot which drew nearer to sacking the colonial government was marked by indiscriminate destruction of colonial governments properties and endangered the lives of colonial masters ,hence the colonial masters wasted no time to revise the tax regime.

Again just on January 2012 the removal of subsidy mounted pressure on goodluck's administration, when Nigerians persistently and aggressively took to the streets to protest the against the removal of fuel subsidy, and even started calling for the resignation of president jonathan.The situation which was thought to have been influenced by the Arab revolution and Jonathan wasted no time in reducing the petrol price against his wish just to restore normalcy and avoid dethronement.

Categorically economic factors predict our decisive action, while revolutionist proponents and activists have failed to understand the major factor that could spur it, while the government on its side has also failed to understand the yawning, aspirations and value (economic) of the masses.

Obioma Christopher,o
Public affairs analyst and commentator.

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