I always knew it would come to this. She also was aware. The story that has gone viral on the internet is that popular nollywood actress, Camilla Mberekpe, famed for acting wicked 'witch' roles, has actually confessed to being what she acts: a witch. In fact, she confessed on Pastor TB Joshua's Emmanuel TV. While I was not shocked one bit on how the story has been blown out of proportion, I am however highly disappointed by the various jokes people have chosen to make it look like.

Camilla Mberekpe, for the records, never confessed to being a witch.

Anyone who goes through that video would not see or hear her say such.

What she went through was a spiritual deliverance, which in a highly religious country like Nigeria, seems a huge indictment on the victim's character. However, let us not get carried away. She went for deliverance, got delivered (by God's grace) and is happy. Let nobody accuse her of being a witch, because she is not.

Let nobody start insulting Pastor TB Joshua, calling him fake. God, and God alone, knows whether or not he is fake. With the new media, where everybody has somewhat become celebrities of some sort, ready to stuff whatever dumb opinion and lies down our throat, we have to be careful and sensible enough to know what is true and what is not, so as not to cause any form of embarrassment to people.

Anty Camilla, I'm quite sure, would be deeply hurt by the comments of various people on various blogs that never cared to investigate before spreading tissues of lies. However, I expect her to ignore those, and concentrate on her already great career. That is more important to her.

Take note, I am not her publicist. They would make their statement soon, I am sure. But let us behave, and support this woman who has always brought smiles on our faces.

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