The State of Insecurity in the Southeast Nigeria-A Call for participatory Action

By Human Rights, Justice and Peace Foundation

“The Salvation of the Oppressed lies not in the Hands of the Oppressors but in

the Hands of the Oppressed” Chidi Nwosu (1971-2010)

At the end of a Press Briefing held today at Chidi Nwosu Conference Hall in Aba, Abia State, the Human Rights, Justice and Peace Foundation (HRJPF) has strongly condemn the spate of security breaches and violation of the rights of citizens and inhabitants of Southeastern Nigeria as the region has been plagued in recent months by a string of kidnappings, armed robberies, assassinations and other forms of violent-related activities.

HRJPF has observed with increasing concern as these security breaches has claimed hundreds of lives and destruction of properties worth millions of naira which has led to a massive human flight of the peace loving citizens of the region.

However, it is apparent that these acts of violence pose a threat to our young democracy and national unity as increased incidents are recorded on daily basis. The impunity with which miscreants have continued to operate across the region is alarming to say the least.

In pursuit of a sustainable peaceful environment, HRJPF commiserate with the victims and families of all who have recently lost their lives and properties to the act of violence and in furtherance of her civic duties as concerned organization hereby make the following recommendations;

1. Government and its agencies should rise up to their statutory responsibility to protect the lives and property of the citizens and inhabitants of the Southeast extract.

2. Nigerians of all political afflictions, ethnic backgrounds and religious faiths should condemn these acts of violence in its entirety and in doing so, should use all available channels to ensure the immediate cessation of violence and threats to life.

3. Persons with useful information relating to the existence, location and operations of perpetrators should anonymously pass on such information to the relevant agencies or authorities.

4. Nigerians and Non-Nigerians should be alert and security conscious. In doing so HRJPF appeals to all to immediately raise alarm upon noticing any suspicious act(s), person(s) or movements in the vicinity or neighbourhood.

Finally, HRJPF urge Nigerians to come together at this critical time of need and repel these enemies that seek to bring down the Southeast region in particular and Nigeria at large and preserve the future of the up-coming generations as the driving-wheels of our great nation.

Cassius Ukwugbe
Senior Program Officer
Human Rights, Justice and Peace Foundation
93 Market Road (1st Floor, back) Aba
Abia State