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Open letter to the president

By Kindness Jonah


Your Excellency,
Treasonable felony in Nigeria started with hate judgment. Hate in the sense that regional chauvinism in the first republic trivialized the very common sense in legal interpretation and made Awolowo victim in place of victor for a charge he rarely was guilty of. Being the Federal Government Vanguard, Sowemimo danced the naked dance in the village square as he admitted “my hands are tied”.

That is the extent Nigerian judges can go to shovel blame over in a judgment of clandestine manipulations directly impinging on legal precedence. As the sword of Damocles falls on the victim, the victor as ethnic maestro, laughs home chauffeured to dose off and campaigned to dog-sleep all due to the castration of a perturbing ethnic chauvinist. Like a swagger in a praxis hate, the ding dung encapsulates aversion to order and truncates beeline to truth and fairplay.

In the Nigeria audio-visual box, enemies and foes alike are glued to the opera box with mouth agape rapt attention only deducible in a graveyard where all but one of a nuclear family are interned. Claptrap of absurdities as trawler of heavy load, becloud sensibility of equilibrium is justice display. This is because, as Ronald Reapan would say “peace is not absence of conflict, but a resolution of conflict in a peaceful way”, the epicenter of cohesion appears flabbergasted by the mouthful of diametrical inundations that the dampen the sense of reason and catapult the ethnicization of national regard.

Such is the titsbits of cleavages that tell how skeletinish tribal politics look in the face of global exuberance in justice dissipation. So, Obafemi Awolowo was a child of circumstance of the pediment of the Northern Star in the novel unread.

Nzeogwu Kaduna kickstarted the milieu that was to be misinterpreted tribally to foster ethnic counter reaction, which anomaly has dismembered cluster of balance and geometricality in galloping towards disunity. Since Nzeogwus' debut and the its ephemerality of indelible scar, this contour locale in Northern praxis has benumbed every hyper criticality of balance in the dialogue-tight Nigeria.

Such is the decoder, such is the diffuser. Such is the natal star imbued in veracity of purpose. But suppose that's the way the cookie crumbles, then we are down and out. Down and out in the sense that the fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge.

Yes, the grandiloquents capitalize on the gab-gift to dissuade the wormwood and the gall to fight nacked in the maul, while they feast their eyes with unforgettable episodic traumas and traumatic episodes. That is the extent of decadence on the guagmire called Nigeria. But that could have registered no mayhem supposing we are taciturn enjoying at the lower rump. But the dovecoats are fluttered by undemocratic religious connotations that spelldoom rather than victory.

Rather look onwards to semblematic alignment with what is globally acceptable, our dear President from Otuoke has tended to think the unthinkable and tickle the fancy of the unfanciable. The tomwayrots in diatribes of almajirancy have passed Advanced Level GCE to the next cadre in the alquaidic subject of violence and have graduated from the school of maitasine in eternal assurance of the Abahamic cursed race. The global turmoil is a fizzle when they are unmitigated minused from the midst of humanity.

The doctor of Zoology from the very farm of catfish and whale should have known this more than any other. But it appears our doctor is looking outside for cure because he has forgotten the basic physiologic mixups that serve as balm of Gilead. But the shooters are averse to explore the superabundance of the balm in Gilead. Infact, that is the terminus of existential reality in their lexicon.

But wait a minute! Our dear doctor of Zoology seems to please the unpleasable by granting amnesty to ghosts. This ghostic amnesty has been clamoured for and made to become a popular folk when it is preposterous in other climes, thus making Nigeria a laughing stock in international hemispherical ball. Our doctor of Zoology seem to be playing ball when he is to sternly confront the known sponsors of bokoharam.

A clairvoyant is not needed to tell the transpirings in Bornu, Sokoto, Yobe and Kano from the inner chamber of Presidential Palace at Abuja that any flesh and blood with audacity of the eagle of zenith perch calling for amnesty to bokoharam is the real sponsor of bokoharam.

Let us digress a bit or do I say swing into the dangling affirmation of a definitive statement. Those lexiconic arrangers will always agree that the take off point in any academic essay is to define the concept that belie the cogent arguments. To that extent, amnesty is defined as “ a prerogative of mercy granted to a repentant former insurgent or militant”. From this definition, we bring out salient issues:

(1) It is unmerited grant, extended by government.
(2) It is granted to offenders or people that have committed heinous crimes.

(3) It is given to a people who have remorse of past misdeed.

Abstraction from the submit would conjure a feeling of abuse to the ethos of a good merit if the laudable peace move called amnesty from its definitive locale is extended to a faceless hit and run. It then defeats the rationale. First, it is a peace move to reconcile factum renegades vicariously liable for wanton termination of life over a period of incohessive togetherness.

It beats all imagination to fathom any modicum of articulation supporting what Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria is doing with his tauted amnesty to bokoharam. Who are the bokoharam? Where are the bokoharam? Is it amnesty he needs or first dialogue? But even dialogue does bringout the ineptitude with which Jonathan is wanting Nigerians believe in make believe. Do you dialogue with a ghost?

That brings to the glarrying fore the motivator of bokoharam. They first lodged and started in Kanamma in Northern Yobe State with Mohammed Usuf calling the shot. Since his mysterious disappearance, another incarnate in the person of Shekau has taken over, cooking up divisive and diverse deaths. What kicked up the shindy in Yobe State? What fluttered dove coats in Borno? What upset the apple cat in Bauchi?

Sharialization of Nigeria ofcourse. They are only motivated by one thing, not two, not more: islamization of Nigeria. Then comes the issue of treasonable felony. What is MASSOB members looking for afterall? Sovereign State of Biafra. What is bokoharam looking for afterall? Sovereign State of islamized Nigeria or sovereign State of islamized Northern Nigeria. So, from treasonable felony point of view, bokoharam and MASSOB are co-equally guilty.

But from blood-thirstiness angle, MASSOB members are made in heaven, while bokoharam are made by satan in hellfire. The former does not kill, while the later drinks blood in place of water. The former does not carry gun, while the later is a gun runner and user of sorts. The former has regard for human life, while the later suicide-bombs and demolishes life.

The Supreme Court of Nigeria headed by an impunity has ordered the moon and sword trial of Uwazuruike to spite the Igbos and gallow him to oblivion in the treasonable felony trial. bokoharam insurgents, clearly terrorists dare Goodluck Jonathan to the face and are pleaded with. Elsewhere in America, Britain, Mali, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia, islamists are fought and conquered. Here in Nigeria, they are treated as kings and pleaded with to accept amnesty for which Federal Government is prone to budgeting more than N200 billion for setting Hausa-Fulani-Kanuri murderers and their cohorts.

Is Goodluck Jonathan not confused? May be he is not. May be he is. May be he does not understanding the biochemistry of islamic insurgence. Do you have christianists as insurgents as warriors that kill because Bible was burnt? Goodluck Jonathan seems to be floating on the sea of unknowledgeableness of what islam is all about.

Let me tell Goodluck Jonathan is clear times, no ambiguity, no grammatical vierrings- off or hiding under the bewildering cover of grandiloquence and garrulous blabblings: Those that call for amnesty for bokoharam are the clear sponsors of bokoharam, I mean A – Z of them, no exception. They are all-inclusive, sponsors of bokoharam. Let Goodluck Jonathan recall that at the beginning of his reign, he was told clearly by some notable islamic zealots that they would make his Government ungovernable. They clearly did it in sponsoring bokoharam. They are the self same people that want to make billions from bokoharam amnesty. They have single-filed out under the leadership of sultan of Sokoto to receive their share of booty because they have conquered in the war of intrigues' where Goodluck Jonathan is a pun in their chess game.

quoran was said to have been abused in Denmark, but in Nigerian Maiduguri and Kano, Churches were retaliatorily burnt and many Christians killed. Goodluck Jonathan was there in Government to have known what islam as a cursed religion, really is. It takes a cursed religion to preach violence and pretend it is preaching peace.

Look focusely at how islam started, who started it. islam started with violence and bloodlet. The founder was Mohammed whom they call “prophet”. He was an extremely vile fellow, driven from Mecca to Medina because of notoriety in stealing, rape and armed robbery. Mohammed was an extremely base, and obnoxious fellow that the society rejected. He raped innumerable number of women. That explains why today, more than 90% of rape cases in the world occur in islam – majority regions or are pepertuated by muslems in Christian enclaves. In mosques, they rape girls as young as 6 months old. The imams, alfas, sheiks, mallams, sultans and emirs are very vile and villainous in raping under aged girls right there in mosques.

Igbo proverb says “Whatever snake delivers must be long.” In muslim lands, girls are married out as young as seven years old. Mohammed married 9 year old girl. Ahmed Sanni of Zamfara State married 12 year old girl from Egypt even as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What a shame brought to Nigeria, and what a shame to Nigerian Government!

There is no value that a book that chronicled distortions, satanic manipulations, demonic lies, fiendish alterations and mayhemic unleashments of confusion can serve humanity. quoran is a book from bottomless pit which serves no good purpose as long as life stands. It is good for use only as toilet role.


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