How elders can avoid stroke, heart diseaes, by dietitian

By The Citizen

Following the long  elderly kilometer walk organized by the Charity Organization for the Welfare of Aged People,  COWAP, the  non-governmental organization  advised  aged people  to eat more fruits to remain healthy.

Speaking  of  a seminar  organized  by  COWAP, tagged, 'Healthy Eating and Healthy lifestyle for the Elderly',  in FESTAC Town, Lagos, a  dietitian,  Sara Olabisi,   encouraged  them to  eat  more of variety fruits like  tomatoes,  apples, vegetables and whole grains  which, she claimed,  would be simple actions that would help protect  them from heart diseases and stroke.

The president of COWAP,  Olusola Esan, admonished the  elders to desist from taking  herbal substances that do  more harm  than good in their old age