Puntland: 15 4x4s for local police and short-wave radio station

By Italy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Puntland: 15 4x4s for local police and short-wave radio station
Puntland: 15 4x4s for local police and short-wave radio station

ROME, Italy, April 24, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Brand new vehicles and a fundamental instrument for radio communication to lead the population of Puntland toward a future of renewed development: a ceremony was held in Garowe, the capital of the North East region of Somalia, on 21 April for the official presentation of 15 Toyota 4x4s to the local police and of a short-wave radio station – both of which were donated by Italy through the UN agency UNOPS.

Wide local press coverage

The ceremony was widely covered in the local press and national television networks. Participants included President of Puntland Abdirahman Mohamed Farole and his Vice President, the entire government of the independent Somali region, the speaker and several members of the Parliament, the Chief of Police and various business community, economic world and civil society representatives.

President Farole thanks Italy for support

In his elaborate speech, President Farole sincerely thanked the Italian government for its support, underscoring the deep and historic friendship that unites our peoples. He then recalled the other major programmes already financed by the Italian government in Puntland, which include a fishing industry project at Eyl through UNFAO, the refurbishing of the port of Bosaso through UNHabitat, rehabilitation of the Bosaso and Garowe airports and the healthcare facility of Eyl, also through UNOPS.

Information, education and entertainment

The short-wave radio set up in Garowe has a frequency of 6.16 Mhz (nighttime) and 13.8 Mhz (daytime) and 200W of power, with regional coverage that will vary depending on the time of day and weather conditions (as far as the Middle East and Europe during the night). A temporary transmitter has been set up in advance of the permanent one, to be installed within the year, which will have worldwide reach. The radio will be used to broadcast informative, educational and entertainment programming and will involve local associations and the various civil society components of Puntland.