Nigerians are the best adapters in the world. Many experiences which Nigerians are face to face with are unimaginably primitive and crude. The life in Nigeria can be miserable like it is presently, all these are product of the worst government. The Federal Government of Nigeria at the present is a total failure and has cost Nigeria their hope and endurance and many are migrating out of their country in thousand.

Presidency is not composed let alone is he ready to solve the problem of this country. The most confused president that this country has ever had is President Ebele Jonathan. A president who claimed during the Presidential media chart in last November that there is a tremendous improvement in the power generation when it is all black out in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. The President had listed the 5,000MW power generation capacity as one of his administration's major achievements under the Power Sector Reform agenda where the country does not at any time generate such MW. Could president be lying? He is a politician he can.

The president said “We moved, in 2007, from about a little below 3,000 MW production average.

“Now, we are generating more than 5,000MW (of electricity).

“But because of weak transmission infrastructure, we cannot evacuate,”

As at the time President made the claim, TCN, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, successor company in charge of monitoring electricity transmission data in the country, had given 4,321.3MW as the country's power generation capacity as at August, 31, 2012.

As Nigerian, I wish to say it has been years of poor power supply in Nigeria. In Abuja, consistently the Electricity supply is epileptic and people hardly expect power supply. It is worst and that is the closest settlement to the seat of the president. Transaction of business is difficult in Abuja and other part Nigeria because there is no power supply.

Visit every commercial area in Abuja, they appear like war zone. They do not have and do not expect power supply from the PHCN and have chosen the option of using generators. The environment is under a strong noise and air pollution from of the shouting generator that emit Carbon di oxide to the atmosphere in abundant. If the FCT can be a city without power supply, one would not be surprise that other cities and villages in Nigeria are without power supply. The Federal Government is failing and running Nigeria down.

The South Africa today could generate and supply Electrical power for it citizens, companies and other Africa country like Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. According to the 2012 BP Statistical Energy Survey, South Africa had 2011 electricity production of 262.54 Terawatt-hours, a change of 1.1 % from 2010 and equivalent to 1.19% of the whole total, kudos to the South Africa government, and the good example to Africa country.

What is worthless than the political era that makes live difficult for people? Even in the war zone, masses cannot face trail more than what we face in Nigeria presently. The business is difficultly conducted and live becomes difficult for the masses. We sleep and wake up in our home without Electricity, the weather is not helping matter and the government is ridiculously insensitive. We have bad people in government, may we find a way of changing the personalities and structure of the political entity that only act as virus but could not catalyze our development despite the abundant resources that the country is endowed with.


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