How Fct Minister, Adamu Aliero Used A. A. Shehu To Launder N511.3million Through Motorcycles/bicycles Contracts


This February 2010, Adamu Aliero celebrates his one year in office as the Honorable Minister of FCT Abuja. And through the course of his ministerial exercise, he finds himself battling for relevance and to find his grounds in Abuja. And as new revelations of his exploits at the realm of affairs in Kebbi State begin to over pour into the open arena, his ability to find relevance in Abuja may find its final resting place in a darkened hole.

This is as new revelations of Adamu Aliero's activities while seated as the governor of Kebbi State indicate he was intensively engaged in corrupt practices and may have committed a slew of financial crimes in his 8years as governor. is in possession of documentary evidence of Adamu Aliero's use of A. A. Shehu [a contractor] to launder a warping sum of N511.3million of Kebbi State funds via suspicious motorcycles/bicycles contract awards to A. A. Shehu.

Adamu Aliero's scheme to launder N511.8million required the award and execution of three motorcycles/bicycles “contracts” to A. A. Shehu in the amounts of N207,411,000, N93,910,000 and N210,000,000 – and subversion of Due process and contractual transparency appear systematically faulty. The purchase of the said motorcycles and bicycles is reportedly for distribution at the Local government level as part of the contribution to their people's empowerment program.

The process for the award of first contract for the supply of 1,515 motorcycles and 8,056 bicycles at a value of N207m [N207,415,000] began with a proposal written by the permanent secretary, department for local government and chieftaincy affairs in the person of Rabiu Muh. Koko. The proposal was addressed to the Secretary to the State Government [SSG] in the person of Alhaji Bala Musa Sakaba and dated Wednesday November 13th 2002 [see letter]. The SSG immediately drafted a letter to the Governor on the same day requesting for approval to release N207m [see letter - Page 1; Page 2]. Six [6] days later on Tuesday November 19th 2002, the Governor in hand written form gave his approval for the release of the requested sum.

Following the approval, the contract was awarded to A. A. Shehu. This was done without contract bidding or contract documents. A warping sum of N104million [N103,705,500] was immediately paid to A. A. Shehu as 50% mobilization. And the said 50% mobilization, according to a letter from the deputy governor in the person of Alhaji Suleiman Muh'd Argungu to the Governor Adamu Aliero “was made from the Special Allocation for the month of September 2002”. Thus, A. A. Shehu received first payment from the special allocation for the month of September for a contract that was approved on November 19, 2002 [see letter - Page 1; Page 2]. Going on two approval requests by the deputy governor, the governor approved the release of N51,852,750 from the local government's December 2002 allocation and the balance from the local government's allocation for the month February 2002. But there is no evidence the motorcycles and bicycles were purchased and delivered.

The second contract for the supply 806 motorcycles and 1,498 bicycles for the local governments at a cost of N94million [N93,618,000] began with a letter written by the deputy governor on Thursday March 21st 2003 requesting for the release of N94nillion for the already delivered items. [see letter]. According to the deputy governor, the said motorcycles were already delivered by the same A. A. Shehu prior to getting approval. In the letter, he sought the governor to “approve the payment to be made from the statutory allocation of the local governments in two installments of N46,809,000 each in March and April 2003”. The governor approved the request on Monday March 25th 2003.

Following the governor's approval, a request for transfer of funds in respect of A. A. Shehu was drafted with reference number CAG/1070/Vol.IX/2003 and dated Thursday March 28th 2003. The letter signed by permanent secretary, Muhammad Sani Ango and Accountant general, Sani Dwandu and addressed to the manager of Afribank Birini Kebbi stated “please arrange to transfer the sum of N93,910,000 from account number 36000148 with you to A. A. Shehu's account number 501360 with Bank of the North Birini Kebbi branch”. Puzzling, the transferred amount was N292,000 in excess of the approved of N93,618,000 [see letter]. gathered that there is no prove that the said motorcycles were supplied.

The third contract for the supply of 2,100 units of motorcycles at a cost of N210,000,000 began with an approval by the governor to the executive secretary of Kebbi State Joint Local Government Account, Distribution and Fiscal Committee in the person of Salisu M. Kaifa III. This was reflected in a letter by Salisu M. Kaifa III to the Finance Commissioner requesting for release of funds. The letter dated Wednesday December 10th 2003 instructed the finance commissioner to deduct the sum of N833,333.33 from each local government council monthly starting November 2003 and ending October 2004 [summing N17,500,000 monthly]. The said money is to be paid to the personal account of A. A. Shehu monthly [see letter]. As directed, the accountant general [Sani Gwandu] and the deputy accountant [Idris Augie] forwarded a letter to the manager of Afribank of Birini Kebbi referenced CAG/1070/Vol.IX/2004 and dated June 28th 2004 instructing that the sum of N17,499,999.93 be transferred from the local government joint account number 36000148 to Faisalmu Investment Company [A. A. Shehu's company] account number 501742 with Bank of the North limited Birini Kebbi [see letter].

In all, the involvement of A. A. Shehu in the supply of motorcycles and bicycles and the illegal transfer of funds through thorough investigation poses a wonderment as to how Adamu Aliero escaped/evaded the attenton of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC].

The three supposed contracts did not follow due process. In all of the three, there was no mention of a formal contract except references to the governor's approval.

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