The Court,Ohakim ,Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha and Ndi-Imo

By Kenneth Uwadi
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After reading the irritating publications by a certain Samuelson Iwuoha against Imo state, i am constrained to ask who the hell is this person. Or put in another way, is Samuelson Iwuoha well? Is he from Imo State? Is he mentally stable? If so, how much is he getting for the indecent job that he is performing so shamelessly and so enthusiastically too? How old is he? I ask these multi-barreled questions because the reasons of Iwuoha's publications glaringly betray their falsity, irresponsibility and moral cheapness. And the motives are obviously animated by less than noble objectives. Iwuoha, i come to believe wants to go to jail.

Why would an Imo man like any of us, at this day and age, take it upon himself to want to insult the collective interest of Ndi-Imo by provokingly spreading false allegations against our Governor,Chief Ikedi Ohakim, a man who, before our very eyes, is performing very well as Governor of Imo State and is the symbol of collective authority of Ndi Imo. For God's sake, what does Samuelson Iwuoha wants us to believe?

The reputable profession of journalism seems to be loosing its steam and candor in Nigeria due to media houses giving space to writers who have chosen to engage in telling their readers lies and half-truth about issues so as to achieve their political objective. I feel highly concerned about this degeneration. The duty of the press to my mind is to unearth these unholy alliances and political conspiracy to deny Nigerian electorates the right to free choice of leaders. But my worry is that some media houses have been hijacked or rather commissioned by some politicians to do the dirty job of misinforming and beguiling the gullible public so as to gain political control.

Back to Iwuoha and the mud he thinks he is throwing at Ohakim.Iwuoha said that ever since he pointed at the criminal activities of Governor Ikedi Godson Ohakim of Imo State, that there has been grave silence from the Ohakim led government in Imo State. They have practically refused or ashamed to respond to the issues raised in so many Newspapers and magazines. Wonderful. So he is telling us that we elected a criminal as Governor. What an insult to Ndi-Imo.All those that are fighting to take away the seat of governance in Imo state are shamelessly dancing naked in the market square.

Iwuoha said that Chief Ikedi Ohakim is suffering from Leadership tuberculosis. Hence he is on a directionless journey. A directionless man has no vision, no mission and no goal facilitated by encirclement of sycophants, bootlickers, failed politicians, failed businessman, failed leaders, discredited elders, unfocused youths, failed professors, and dismissed Vice-Chancellors etc. The resultant effect is the devaluation of leadership in Imo State. Maybe Mr Iwuoha is more intelligent than the members of the Imo State House of Assembly elected to act as checks.

The man called Iwuoha needs to know that the Imo State House of Assembly is an independent body made up of highly-principled individuals who have distinguished themselves in their various professional callings. For his information, the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly is Chief Goodluck Nanah Opiah, a distinguished man of high integrity, who was elected based on his track records of competence, honesty and integrity. The Imo State House of Assembly have publicly given Ikedi Ohakim a clean slate.Imo state House of Assembly have publicly said that Ohakim has no case to answer.The house is steadily telling us that our governor is doing well. So what are we saying here? We have elected members from all the Local Government areas of Imo state in the Imo state House of Assembly.

So who is fooling who? So Iwuoha is telling us all that Members of the Imo state House of Assembly are sycophants, bootlickers, failed politicians, failed businessman, failed leaders, discredited elders, unfocused youths, failed professors, and dismissed Vice-Chancellors? If Iwuoha is from Imo state, he has an able person from his constituency in the Imo Assembly house of Assembly and the house is saying that Ohakim is doing well for Imo state and has not gone wrong so far.Is this not enough reason for Iwuoha to be taking to court to provide facts about his allegations and if discovered that he is toying with the intelligence of Nigerians ,he should be jailed for false information and sedition.

Its like no name is too big or too revered for Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha to throw around and no subject is too tough for him to dabble into even though he is totally ill equipped to rationally handle in his vain attempt to throw mud at Ohakim. Reading him only evoke laughter and pity in view of the manifest failure of the intellect as well as the abundance of human inanities. It is a shame that people can just boot up their computers only to be sending thrash for the purpose of projecting their useless agenda.

I use this medium to call on the Imo State Government to set example with Mr. Iwuoha if he is not fake. He should be prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others. That one is blessed with fingers for writing does not mean that one should write nonsense in the name of freedom of expression. Democracy does not give one the power to make allegations that one can not prove. I believe that criticism can be very healthy if it is balanced but I frown at mudslinging. The beauty of democracy is actually the plurality of ideas, which is guaranteed by the constitution.

Iwuoha said that our governor sleeps with under aged girls at his guest house in Prefab Housing Estate which he built with State funds .He should be taking to court to explain this. He said that our governor forced Imo citizens to buy plastic dustbins for N20,000 from him, but in the open market, the same type of plastic dustbin goes for N3000.He said that our governor Ikedi Godson Ohakim is a failed family man and that his second son Obinna was expelled from Convenant University Otta in Ogun State because of uncoordinated behaviour and open display of stolen State funds. He should be taking to court to explain this.

He also said that our governor surrounded himself and his unfortunate leadership with people of questionable characters such as Mr. Elvis Agukwe,Mr. George Irechukwu. Mr. Emma Ohakim, Mr. Chikwem Onuoha. Let him be made to tell the court how the men are fraudulent? Let him also tell the court how Emma Ohakim was sacked from Central Bank of Nigeria because of fraudulent behaviours. He also said that because of Ohakim's criminal activities of stealing, looting and sleeping with small girls, he can no longer walk the streets of Imo State free and that Ohakim stole a brief case belonging to former Governor Evan Enwerem in October 1993 at Murtala Mohammed International airport,Lagos.We want him to prove all this in court.Enough is enough.

He also said that our governors wife,our highly respected first lady, barrister Chioma Ohakim ,was sleeping around when she was a staff of defunct Progress Bank of Nigeria Plc. One of such people is a prominent Chief from Mbieri in Mbaitolu Local Government Area who was buried three weeks ago.He should provide prove in court.You can see how mentally unstable this Iwuoha is.

I can see that Mr Iwuoha is heading to jail. Character assassination is an attempt to tarnish a person's reputation so as to bring him down and it is an offence in the Nigerian law. It involves exaggeration or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation. For living individuals targeted by character assassination, this is so as to result in the individual being rejected by his community, family, or members of his or her living or work environment. In practice, character assassination involve double speak, spreading of rumors, innuendo or deliberate misinformation on topics relating to the subject's morals, integrity, and reputation. In politics, one weapon of war that failed politicians uses all the time is character assassination, which is the spread of false allegations against a candidate.

Mr Iwuoha should know that we have laws in Nigeria for which every individual in Nigeria should abide to. We have libel laws and sedition laws. He thinks he can just wake up one morning and start throwing allegations against a person. He thinks that Ndi-Imo will keep quite and watch him call our governor a criminal.Let him prove in court what and what our governor stole.We are no fools. Even if we were foolish before, we cannot be fools forever. It is true that he claims to be a kerosene seller and that he is probably banking on the unquestioning support of his political sponsors ; he would be shocked to find his waterloo within his backyard this time around as I can clearly see that he is going to jail. The tone of his choruses sounds like that of someone heading for perdition, vain and spiritually rueful.

I would like to see whoever that is wearing the Iwuoha mask made to know that there are laws in Nigeria since he chooses to insult Ndi-Imo with his crude and stupid publication. It is simply irresponsible for anyone to be dabbling into subjects in which he can not prove. The history of Ohakim has no logical bearing with what Iwuoha is glibly talking about. It is time to talk sense and not the nonsense upon stilt like Iwuoha has become an expert in. Good luck to Iwuoha . Imo people are not that foolish, Mr. Iwuoha! If you are not ashamed for what you write, many are. Please spare us the embarrassment and go to school because the love to write must be matched by some scholarly ability and the knowledge of the Nigerian constitution. I am sorry, no one enjoys your thrash on Ohakim.

-Kenneth Uwadi writes from Mmahu –Egbema,Imo State