Senator slaps securityman for not recognising him

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A member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Chinyere Emmanuel Igwe, caused a stir yesterday at the entrance of the National Assembly as he traded blows with a security official.

Igwe, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member, represents Port Harcourt 2 Federal Constituency, Rivers State.

He said he was embarrassed by the security operative.

The security personnel, Mr. Chinelo Nwulu, said he was attempting to establish the identity of the lawmaker as he (Igwe) tried to enter the National Assembly.

Witnesses said Igwe was apparently angered by the request of the security operative that he should identify himself before entering.

They said Igwe gave the security operative "a dirty slap on the right side of his cheek without uttering any word."

Igwe was said to have threatened to deal more blows on Nwulu, but was prevented by other security men who rushed to save their colleague from the grip of the lawmaker.

He was casually dressed in black trousers and a flying khaki short-sleeve shirt.

He also wore a jungle face cap and slippers.
He reportedly fumed: "Imagine that boy. How could he claim not to know me? Does his duty not include recognition of faces of members? He has just embarrassed me, and I won't take it. This case will not end here. I will take it to any length, including the National Assembly Service Commission, where he would be disciplined."

The incident happened at 11 a.m. It lasted 30 minutes before other National Assembly security operatives and the police intervened to calm the lawmaker.