Discovers Human Parts in Osun Shrine...‘‘Politicians comes for Solace’’— Says devotee

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In the end time a lot of bizarre occurrences are expected to be happening, all in the name of religion, with the calculated attempt to mislead, swindle and maim the unsuspecting victims who are supposedly their followers. Investigations conducted by showed that a replica of Okija shrine far away in Anambra State has been discovered in Ido-Osun in Egbedore Local Government Area of Osun State. gathered that the traditional ruler of the town, Oba Aderemi Adedapo Sapoyoro and policemen led the people of the town to the shrine discovered on the parcel of land on the Ido-Osun abandoned Federal government site. The policemen forced the shrine open where the skeleton of the supposed founder was recovered.

Several skulls and human parts were also recovered in the shrine. The name of the founder of the shrine as at press time was given as Jacob Adebayo Oladele.

Moreover, the assumed current leader of the shrine, Oluwaloni Oladele (Ms), who tried to save her head from the wrath of the law claimed that the place was a church and that they worshipped God. She added that the founder of the church was their Jesus Christ, claiming that he transformed and would soon re-appear.She gave the name of the church as Millennium Gospel Mission (MGM). According to her, members of the group do not worship in the day but in the night. She gave the name of the founder as Jacob Adebayo Oladele.No fewer than 15 members of the sect were arrested by the police in connection with the incident. The people of the community had complained to Oba Adedapo who later invited the leader of the group to his palace for questioning.

Continuing, Ms. Oladele said further that the founder of the group was their own Jesus Christ, adding that people come to the place from across the country to receive 'blessings' and 'anointing'. While speaking, Oba Adedapo said that the land where the group was using as shrine belonged to government and that they took no permission from him. He said that his subjects that were using the place to farm had been driven away by the group who created fears in the minds of people by issuing a warning to the people of the community to steer clear of the area or face severe consequences.

Confirming the incident, Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of Osun State, Mr Clement Akinola said men of the command stormed the shrine to effect the arrest in order to put a stop to the incessant harassment the members of the community often face and to also ensure the protection of lives in and around that axis. He assured that the police would ensure that all culprits are brought to book. According to him the shrine, was discovered by a combined team of men of the Osun State Police Command, was located within the premises of the Ido-Osun Aerodrome, an abandoned federal government project in the state.

The team was led by Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the state Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Mr. Adeyemi Gbolahan (ACP).

No fewer than 15 persons, including nine women were arrested by the police, who stormed the shrine.

Traditional ruler of the community, Oba Adedapo Aderemi Saporoyo, said the discovery was as a result of painstaking investigation into the nocturnal activities of members of the sect who are claiming to be members of Millennium Gospel Mission, the devotees identified the decomposed body as that of the founder of the sect, Jacob Adebayo Oladele, who they claimed, hailed from Ijero in Ekiti State.

One of the devotees said the body was preserved as a sign of reverence and is daily worshipped by members as a demonstration of their faith that the body has transformed to higher plane, insisting that the late founder is the Saviour.

The devotees, who erected permanent structures in the thick bush, also decorated the entire shrine, made up of a sacred altar where the body of the founder was placed, covered the vicinity with red clothes and insignia, thus making it a no-go area for residents of the sleepy town of Ido-Osun.

Ido-Osun is a community, 10 minutes drive away from Osogbo, the state capital. also gathered that some big-wig politicians in Osun state and outside the state also come for spiritual consultation in the shrine mostly in the dead night, as the time of their worship as is designed for nights and darkness, just as their religion dictates.

However, (almost in a similar manner) in Kaduna State, there exist a 'church' where strange marriages are held, young girls are purportedly ''married to Jesus'' at various ceremonies held within the church premises. through a phone chat gathered that young ladies who seem frustrated with life, are those who are engaged in this marriage, where only the bride wears the normal white wedding gown with her bride maids, but without a groom. The officiating ministers conduct a proper marriage procession without a man standing by the side of the bride, the marriage register is signed amidst joy, singing and dancing by few friends of the bride and church members, and the wedding reception takes place outside the church premises.

According to a source in Kaduna the church was said to be owned by an Igbo woman in her late 40s, is alleged to have a great influence over her church members, so much that the girl to be married out, does not invite her parents. It was gathered that the church is being used as a cover up to lure young and frustrated ladies into secret societies. Only few friends and family friends are allowed by the church authorities to attend the wedding, because the ladies have been brain-washed and hypnotized not to invite family members. Questions are now being asked as to what happens to these girls after the wedding. Are they now under the spell of the so-called church? Are they spiritually betrothed to some to some evil forces? Do 'spiritual husbands' sleep with these girls in the night? These are the questions on the lips of many perturbed Nigerians.

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