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It is not in Africa only, the world is well represented is this ugly business. Voice of America, on Saturday, 5th January 2013, Lamented forced teen prostitution in Texas and most part of California. As young teenage girls go out in the streets, in lonely times, they are often conscripted to join sex workers on red streets, there in Texas City.

In Africa, the story is the same in another direction. The girls are promised better life in Europe. They do not take them to America due to great distance by Atlantic Ocean. On reaching Europe, they are forced into slavery. In Nigeria, it is worst hit in Edo, Delta, Akwa-Ibom and Cross River States. In muslim North, the girls marry early and divorce and go into prostitution in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nepal, Iran and muslim-dominated nations.

In Europe, the worst sex slavery is recorded. In Brussels, red light workers scatter the streets. In London, Armstardam, Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, and other state capitals, both African, European and Asian lady-girls cloud the streets hawking their young flesh for buyers. The Africans and Asians are forced into the urgly business.

In Asia, girls from China, Thailand, Indonesian, Cambodia, India, dot Red Light business in Europe and Africa. In Lagos Nigeria, they are even prized higher by Nigerian politicians. The girls are between 10 – 190 years.

In Oceania, girls from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia dot the red light business in Sydney, Mauritius and Cape Town. Asia and Oceania young lads are in abundance in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The question then is, how can this ugly incidence be curbed globally? An Organ for Rehabilitation of young ex-sex hawkers in Texas on 5th January 2013, offered what is best described as Community Watchdog System. By this method, everybody in any neighbourhood is watchful to dictate peculiar movements and alert appropriate authorities. This is a sin against humanity which all and sundry would be involved to arresting. It is not policy action, but people's action that can collectively solve the problem. It works well in Texas as many teen sex workers are being rescued and re-directed in useful business to better the society.

There is noway, police alone can solve the problem. Infact, there is virtually nothing police can do in this regard without the help of the people. Everybody must become his neighbour's keeper, know the young girls in the neighbourhood and what they do, the kind of company they keep and the usual places they gather. Any strange person should be critically questioned. Any house where many young ladies gather should be investigated. Anybody carrying a baby, the pregnancy was not seen by people should be reported for arrest and investigation.

Sex slavery is diverse which makes coverage by police impossible without tacit connivance with the community. It works like magic. That is why Bible says “be your brother's keeper”.