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By Kindness Innocent Jonah
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I am an Igbo, less you say I am not Igbo. But as a human rights activists, I stand for the truth which is bound to be rejected by untruthers. My comments on Nigerian lawmakers as self-servants and engine-rooms of corruption is well understood and taken by all those who believe in the Truth Himself as true. I don't care what others who benefit from the corrupt Government of Goodluck Jonathan adduce about my submissions. The truth is that Nigerian law makers headed by David Mark are the most corrupt in the world. Check your records. But I am not diverting to them in this write up.

The concentration is on Igbo Youth Corper ladies in Northern Nigeria. The extent of corruption, immorality, looseness and sexuality open-handedly embraced by Igbo ladies, in Northern Nigeria is a horror, and though I have the gift of the garb, I cannot fathom the bottomless depth of what has instigated it right from 1970 till now.

Yes, before 1970, it was a taboo for any muslim, a Northerner for that matter, a Hausa Fulani in particular, to even see the laps not the pant, not to talk of the virgina of Igbo lady. Today, all is history. Igbo ladies are the cheapest any muslim or Hausa – Fulani can grab. Go to Sabon Gari and other areas of Kano and Zaria; visit Kaduna and Sokoto. If you go to Zamfara and Bauchi, Igbo ladies, Youth Corper ladies haunt for Hausa – Fulani suya sellers. I mean, not the suya sellers look for them, but a whole Youth Corper looks for the hardly-washed and roughly – bathed Hausa – Fulani artisans because they can part with as high as twenty thousand naira (N20,000) to have sex with Igbo lady.

This makes Igbo ladies bribe NYSC workers to be posted to Northern Nigeria, counting how much they would have gathered at the end of the service year. Two youth corper ladies at different fora in Adamawa, supposing I am not Igbo, said it to my hearing. Before they could sense that I am Igbo, they had voiced it out. One was recounting how she had befriended many men, all non-Igbos in Adamawa. She was boosting with it. The other when we came to Atiku Abubaka's House in Jada, shouted to her neigbour corper in Igbo “leave this one o….”. samplying that I can't give out. One lady I bought cloth from, who served in the Taraba State confided in her friend-typist who is also my friend that she raised the money for her business, befriending one alhaji in Taraba State.

These ones are the ones I know personally. Other stories of sexual escapades of Igbo ladies and youth corpers in Northern Nigeria with muslims are horrific. Come to Enugu, Owerri, Aba, Okigwe, Afikpo, Abakaliki, Onitsha, Awka, even in Igbo villages, and see how Hausa-Fulani suya sellers have wild sex with Igbo ladies. The truth is that these Igbo girls and women look for them now, not vice versa again, you may not believe it. Visit Eastern Igbo heartland towns including Agbor, Asaba, Ogwasiuku, Okpanam Ibuzo, Onicha-Ugbor and other Igbo communities in Delta State together with Igbo cities in the five Eastern States and see how Hausa-Fulani artisans, use them as dogs.

Yes, I am now forced to believe that Igbo ladies are the loosiest in the world over: they are dogs. I am ashamed of them being Igbo myself. Call my GSM here, I am not hiding it. Every Igbo Youth Corper in Nother is a potential harlot, with rarely an exception. Right there in Igboland, Fulani-Hausa hardsmen, shoe-shiners and mostly suya sellers sex them to stupor as the ladies them go for them because they can offer higher money.

In my activist outings in Sokoto, one Igbo businessman clearly told me that Igbo ladies there in Sokoto look for Hausa – Fulani men not Igbos there, because they can offer twenty to thirty thousand naira for two to three days of constant sex. Igbo traders, cooks and sellers and youth corpers in Sokoto are sex-hunting for Fulani-Hausa artisans for sextual gratification.

I entered motor with a Youth Corper lady from Enugu to Jos, and we started discussing. She boldly said that Igbo Corper ladies are very cheap for Hausa-Fulani men in the North because they give them employment. She said she knew many Igbo ladies who served in far North working there now for extensive sexcapes with many alhajis. I was surprised to hear this lady regret for not yet befriending an alhaji, forcefully adding that she was going back to get one or two or three of them as the case may be to give her job.

I then ask myself whether those Igbo ladies in Igboland that go for suya sellers here are also doing it to get job from them. The issue is not job or employment, but as Igbos may say themselves “the thing that makes rat to smell is in his bone”. The reason for extreme sexual looseness of Igbo ladies whether in the North, Lagos or Igboland itself, is in the character and gene of Igbo ladies, it is not because of unemployment. The suya seller, has he employment to give Igbo graduate lady?

Go to Abuja, Igbo ladies are best described as harlots, even married ones. Go to Women Bokpu in Kubwa or Areas 2 and 4 in Wuse or Area 10 Gariki in Abuja or Suleija or Madalla in Niger State. Go to Minna or Birnin Kebbi in Niger or Kebbi State and you see that it is now the Hausa-Fulani men that resist Igbo ladies, including married ones and not vice versa.

Igbo ladies look and hunt for Hausa-Fulani and other muslims in the North for cheap sex. Many Igbo ladies open their legs for only suya reward. Contrary wise, Hausa-Fulani ladies, for any reason, cannot have sex with any Igbo man, no matter the extent of money induced. Infact, they are not monetarily – motivated. Their koran forbids it to have sex with “aruna”, meaning an unbeliever and that ends it. If Igbo man seen as “aruna” by a muslim lady Northerner makes approach for sex, he is automatically rebuffed. Every Igboman living in the North knows this. Ask anyone whether he has Hausa-Fulani girl friend. It is extremely difficult. Go and try as an Igbo man.

I am ashamed of my fellow Igbos as ladies of dishonor since after the civil war. It is not because you are conquered in the war. It is not because there is no job in the East. It is not because Igbos are too populated. It is simply because Igbo ladies have monetized sex right from day one when they come to be five (5) years and above. So, they are into how much they would get from sex, and whoever gives the highest bid, be he Hausa-Fulani, Suya Seller, Shoe-Shiner, well-digger, from the remotest enclave in Niger or bokoharamic Yobe or Chibok in Borno, she opens her leg immediately. Call me, my GSM is here. Igbo ladies, including more than 95% of married ones in Northern Nigeria, are sexually depraved and unquenchably promiscuous, very loose and sex maniacs.

In Lagos city, it is needless talking about Igbo ladies and sex hunting.


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