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By Kindness Innocent Jonah
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Bashar Al-Assad has stayed in power for almost four decades (40 years) when he took over from his father. He has ruled with draconianism of an authoritarian. In March, 2011, following the spring in Arab world, pro-democracy activists demanded constitutional change. Hell broke loose.

As at today 6th January 2013, more than 60,000 Syrians and other nationals in Syria have been muled down by cross fire between the revolters and government forces. In an Opera in Central Damascus on 5th January, 2013, Assad and haranqued the people to retain his family's long cling to power. The people intermittently shouted “with our soul, with our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you”.

Do you see the extent of desperation of man by man in monarchic Arab world? The world should rise up and identify with the “rebels” in Syria to defit Assad and enthrone Secular Constitution in Syria. How can you die for somebody who is misruling you and is draconian?

Assad proposed National Reconciliation Conference. Is he ready to abide by it? I think UNO has a lot to do to secularize the Arab world. Five-year-Single-Tenure is enough for anybody to make impact. It is continuity of powerful institution and not strong men that should be the new Resolution. Sit-tightism in: Swaziland, Syria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Jordan, Turkey, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Russia, China, Thailand, Cuba, Venezuela, Niger, Upper Volta, Algeria, Mauritania, Bahrian, Nepal, Pakistan and all muslim-dominated nations should be seriously addressed by UNO in its New Resolution on democratic-secularity of States.

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