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Guru Marahaj Ji Needs Help (1)

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Mohammed Shuaibu Ayobami Ajirobatan Ibrahim popularly known as Guru Marahaj Ji; the controversial founder of the One Love Family granted interviews to mark his 65th year birthday and 32nd anniversary of his One Love Family spiritual home. In those interviews, Guru talked about marriage, pastors, death, second coming of Jesus Christ, visions and his being the father of creation, defeating the forces of darkness, that he is God, the saviour, etc. He also said that it is distracting for anyone to go into marriage and therefore advised young people not to go into it. He said that he will not die. Listen to him, “Since I live in the spirit, and I'm the fountain of knowledge, I'm immortal. I can't die. Why should I die physically? I can't die physically. I will not die. Even it is said in the Scripture that man is the perfect image of God. Can God die? Since I'm a perfect image of God, I can't die. Is it a sin to live till eternity? I have both the physical body and the spirit.” Imagine that!

Sure, this is not the first time this bearded, confused, dreaded Ibadan-born self-styled controversial agent of the kingdom of darkness is vomiting such blasphemy, contradictions and unpardonable liars. In fact, nobody (including his fellow workers of darkness) still takes him seriously. Remember, he once claimed that Pastor Kumuyi of the Deeper Life church once visited him at Iju, Lagos in 1987 to seek for knowledge, that Pastor Adeboye is his spiritual son and that he made Jonathan president because the later as a deputy governor approved him a place to build his shrine in Bayelsa state. And this is also that same Guru that is believed to be involved in diabolical activities, including human sacrifices, causing accidents on our high ways, especially Lagos-Ibadan Express way; where he has his camp.

Remember, he was suspected to have caused an accident involving Adeboye in front of his temple along this particular expressway in 2009. In 1999, his temple was burned down by Iju youths who were angered by the alleged killing of a Ghanaian man by his devotees. Maharaj Ji was charged with the crime along with twelve disciples, and was kept in jail for several months but was acquitted in 2000. Before then, in 1989, his former members claimed that 200 bodies were buried around his camp. Maharaj Ji was arrested but the charges were dropped when no bodies were found. In 2004, he predicted that John Kerry would defeat George W. Bush. But that didn't come to pass. Now, this is the character that is speaking against the church, ministers of the gospel and our LORD Jesus Christ. Living Perfect Master indeed!

One wouldn't have wasted his time to reply this confused man, but because he mentioned Jesus Christ, pastors and the church in his current tirade. Nigerians already know and have since put Guru to where he belongs – that is, to the list of failed magicians. You know deception will always have an expiring date. Now, why should someone like Guru Marahaj Ji; an agent of darkness, an Ogboni member open his mouth to talk against the person of Jesus Christ, the church and pastors? Yes, he is the 'Asiwaju Atunwase' World Wide of Ogboni Confraternity. And Ogboni is the most dreaded and influential secret society in Nigeria. They are believed to be using their relations, wives, children, friends, parents and others in money-making and other dangerous satanic rituals. Yes, by now, you should have known who was actually speaking through Mohammed Shuaibu Ayobami Ajirobatan Ibrahim - alias Guru. You said it's Satan - the father of all liars? Are you sure? Well, we'll come to that.

I sincerely think that this our Guru needs more of our sympathy and help. He needs spiritual rehabilitation and deliverance more than vilification. I see him more of a confused, disorganised, trapped, incoherent, failed, deceived and deranged man. You know when you tell them to stop practicing occultism or serving Satan, they won't understand. They go looking for power, fame and wealth from this evil one. Now, see the result. This guy went to London to study, but was lured into occultism by a certain woman and another renowned Indian occult master in the 70s. And since then, he has been declaring himself almost everything: God, father of creation, saviour, reveller of Light and the comforter, living perfect master, father of knowledge and light, etc. Wow! Spiritual manipulations in the highest order! Up you Satan! We will continue next week. God bless!

Rev. Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer and a minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria. Tel: 08037113283, E-mail: [email protected]

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