The seed Gen. Babangida has sown is bearing fruit rapidly.


I did not want to write on the Jos crises since it is perennial thing now until my readers have inundated with calls and e-mails to write about it.Well we give God or is it devil the glory that the seed Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida alias self styled evil genius had sown just in 1991 has grown rapidly and is bearing fruits in hundreds and thousands fold albeit human blood corpses.

We are rest assured that the blood of the innocent Christians and of course Muslims and definitely the pagans killed in all the Jos religious crises is all on his head. By the special grace of Allah (SAW) he will live long to see Nigeria disintegrate via Jos. Then finally he will die a sad man for all his divide and rule policies during his military misrule which has lead to the death of more people especially Nigerians and particularly innocent NYSC corps members and children than at any time in the Nigeria history.I recall that during the Ajibola commission of enquiry, he still justified why he created Jos North local government to favour the Hausa Muslims who must of the time bring their blood brothers from Kano unleash havoc on innocent Nigerians living peacefully on the Plateau.

The Muslim Hausa man is mischievous and cheeky, why does he want some political rights on the Plateau, while his tribesmen have refused to accord such rights to others in the Hausa states and some Muslims dominated states like Borno, Bauchi, Niger, Kebbi, Yobe and even Katsina states.

By the Christian population in states like Bauchi, Borno, Yobe, Katsina, Kebbi and even Jigawa state, they should or ought to have the deputy governor and the deputy speaker of the Houses of Assembly. But nay, it is still a struggle. Take the cases of Katsina, Niger, Borno, and Bauchi for a case study. About 11 of the 34 local governments in Katsina are Christian dominated. All the nine local governments in southern Borno are Christian dominated. Seven out of the 20 local governments in Bauchi states are Christian dominated. Yet they can't even get deputy governor or deputy speaker of the House of Assembly. The Plateau people have been generous to the Hausa/Fulani settlers of Jos. As I am writing this piece, the deputy speaker of the Plateau House of Assembly is a Hausa Muslim settler from Jos North. Even the representative of Jos North/Bassa constituency in the Federal House of Representative is a Hausa Muslim settler. In a free and fair election, even the Christians in Jos North alone is enough to defeat a Hausa Muslim settler what more if all the population of Bassa local government is added which is almost 100% Christians.If in states like Adamawa, Nasarawa, Gombe, Taraba, Kogi and Kwara, where Christians are dominant, Muslims can have some rights and vie to be governors why not in the former states afore mentioned.

Unfortunately emotions are so high now that everybody is coming to judgement.

Those who love Nigeria must call for the “Sovereign National Conference” of all ethnic nationalities in the land. Postponing it is just shifting the dooms days. If the reports we read in the papers is anything to go by, then the Nigeria Army which is suppose to be the last hope of Nigeria has become partisan as was shown in the Jos crisis. Reports in the Daily Trust of Wednesday 20th January 2010 attest to that fact.All indices in Nigeria are gradually pointing to Somalia though we are not praying for it but they are all glaring.

Our prayers are that those who have sown this seed of discord will not die until they witness with their eyes the disintegration of Nigeria as a result of their handiwork.Jonah Jang is never the problem of Plateau state, in fact he has given the Hausa Muslims too much concession by my standard, two commissioners, many board chairmen and others. Please check Bauchi state or Yobe state or even Borno state and compare. The Hausa Muslims on the Plateau have persecuted the Plateau people since 1991 up till 2010. They said it was Fidelis Tapgun, no they said it was Joshua Dariye, no they said was Michael Botmang or no they said it is Jonah Jang. They are lucky that they have a hired agent in the person of Mohammed Haruna a Gwari man from Agaie Niger state to do their bidding and hatchet job for them.

If in one year there were four religious crises in Bauchi and no body called for state of so called emergency can these looters in the National Assembly justify the call of state of emergency in Plateau state? They are all brood of vipers that reap where they did not sow.

I heard that one of them with terrorists' tendencies and on the terror lists of America was deported from Holland handcuffed. Good for him did I hear you say?As the combatants have gone back to the drawing board at least as per the words of Sani Mudi of Jos Hausa Muslims and the interview granted Daily Trust of Friday 22nd January 2010 by one Sheik Dahiru Bauchi, the end of religious crises in Jos is not in site yet. The United Nations will do well to intervene in the Jos genocide of innocent Christians to prevent another Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia and Yugoslavia. A stitch in time saves nine.

The United Nations should know now that the Nigerian disaster will be a calamity on earth since there are about 150 million people of almost 500 different ethnicities.The United Nation must intervene in the Jos Plateau State Nigeria ethnic cleansing by the Hausa Muslims now before it is too late.

It is also important to note that they use the western media through the various Hausa services like BBC Hausa service, VOA Hausa service, RFI Hausa to disseminate terrorism.General Babangida's investment is yielding bloody dividends for him. The General must surely be happy now! Fruitful investment isn't it? Ndiameeh Babrik [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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