As at evening Tuesday May 5, 2009, the number of Lebanese in Lagos depleted greatly as a result of the assassination of Mrs. Patricia Obiageli Chidiac who was murdered on Sunday May 3, 2009 in the premises of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Apapa Lagos.

There is suspicion that the deceased's estranged husband, Mr. Habib Chidiac, a Lebanese may not convincingly wash off his hands in the assassination; it has been proved that he had made many threatening statements to the deceased severally. He has used words like “fuck you, fuck God and fuck Nigeria” and “I will surely kill you”; "those generals you are trying to expose, I shall inform them to kill you", etc. Furthermore, he had absconded from Nigeria for about three years now for reason of what appeared to be his involvement in suspecious businesses including oil-bunkering which he was alleged to have carried out with some retired generals.

But what appeared to be for fear of reprisal on Habib's residual relatives in Nigeria , from the family of the deceased, part stock of the Lebanese have ran out of the country and it was said they did so with their cooks and stewards. Some of them travelled (temporarily) back to their country while some escaped to Nigeria 's neighbouring countries. These were in the same group that came last Monday May 4, 2009, with siren and Police escorts in an intimidating manner, to the residence of the deceased, in Apapa.

This case is bound to be a litmus test for our security agencies (Police in particular) who are being alleged on pay roll of the Lebanese mafia of Apapa. The deceased's estranged husband has opined that he does not want Police investigation in the matter or autopsy conducted on the deceased; he was said to be only eager to collect the remains for immediate burial in Lebanon and this position seems to have given credence that he might have known something about the murder.

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