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Source: Comrade Henry O. Nwaigwe
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Governor Theodore Orji, exhibited what was considered as his best during his visit to Ohuru-Ndoki Community. Even though, prior to his visit, several attempts were made to stop him considering that he has little or nothing to offer Ohuru-Ndoki Community and indeed the entire Abia State.

During his address, he started by insulting the community with cashless sum of One Million Naira donation – a donation considered among the ordinary councilor of a ward.

Secondly, that he said of partnering with NDDC to ensure that Obohia-Ohuru-Aba road is reconstructed as quickly as possible.

Thirdly, that he will energized the transformers in the community to ensure improved electricity supply.

Everybody expected that the governor would have cleared himself over the non-execution of Umunteke-Mkporobe-Ohuru-Ohanku internal road, he personally flagged off on December 17, 2008.

For five years now, a project that was flagged off by the governor himself, is yet to attract grading not talk of asphalting.

Those who brought the governor to ridicule him by way of commissioning a renovated village hall, refuse to tell him the truth, that before he made those political promises which is one of his attributes. The progressive and developmentally conscious indigenes of Ohuru Community, have since disregarded his zero performance and embarked on measures of attracting visible physical project to Ohuru Community.

Is there anything that the so called governor promised, that is not found in the community or not making effort to attract?

Was there no electricity and transformers in Ohuru Community before the arrival of Theodore Orji?

Has the community not secured the attention of NDDC to reconstruct Obohia-Ohuru-Aba road before the arrival of Theodore Orji?

The village hall, the governor commissioned, was it not built by the community's effort 25 years ago?

The governor would have been honoured by the visionary sons and daughters of Ohuru Community if he had proved himself to be a committed and faithful leader. At least by using for the first time in history, state money to construct the only internal link road he personally flagged off five years ago, pay the outstanding pension arrears owed the retired teachers, identify a tangible project to be executed as soon as he leaves as well as select qualified sons and daughters for appointment in the state.

Tell me, what is new that the governor attracted to the community during his visit?

Research shows that, in the three local government areas comprises: Ukwa East, Ukwa West and Ugwunagbo. There is nowhere one can identify any single project credited to Abia State government. The asphalted roads and electricity projects in these areas are solely executed by NDDC.

If this is true, one should ask, the monthly allocations to Abia State is used for what purposes?

Mr. Governor should be swallowed in shame given that a state road (Obohia-Ohuru-Aba road) constructed by late Samuel Mbakwe with state money in the 80s cannot be reconstructed with state money in the 2000s. Even when the state has been splited in smaller units. The governor is depending on an agency of the federal government to do his responsibility in the state.

Those who attracted the governor, should be swallowed in shame given that, the crowd who trooped out en-mass to welcome the governor were disappointed by a man who everybody thought has something to offer, but the reverse was the case.

I should go on and on to talk about this but because the governor and his associates have a sheered conscience that cannot absorb blame, it is needless wasting one's precious time over an issue of less importance.

But let it be on record that the governor has already decided to reduce and ridicule himself by visiting Ohuru-Ndoki Community in Ukwa East Local Government Area of Abia State on Sunday January 13, 2013 only to commission a renovated village hall built by Ohuru Community 25 years ago.

Comrade Henry O. Nwaigwe
Ohuru-Ndoki Community
Ukwa East LGA
Abia State.