PHCN Please Light Candle


A lot has been said about the state of Nigeria's power system. It cannot be over-stressed, we are burningpot nigeria believe that for a meaningful development to take place. Government at all levels need to come to terms with the fact that the power situation in the nation has become a national embarrassment.

We have witnessed, white papers, red reports, green commission, all to no avail. Several countless promises and no result. The present administration has entered into many partnerships with different countries.

The truth cannot be far off, as Nigerians are powerless, it is really unexplainable that we want to be number twenty in 2020, yet leadership does not understand, they do not know, neither do they have the solution to this one problem.

The power emergency of this government is best described as a coma waiting for mercy killing. Well as part of the seven-point agenda please light the candle so we can see the road to 2020.

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