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By Eddie Onuzuruike
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I do not need to join issues with a man who has character problems. Odimegwu Onwumere is one such fellow because when you argue with a fool, people may not see the difference but it is equally true that when good men, especially those who have the facts keep quiet, things may degenerate to the irrevocable. According to General C H Grosvenor, 'figures do not lie, but liars will figure.'

On page 21 of my hallowed Thisday of Monday, December 31st, Odimegwu Onwumere posted his blackmailing imponderables. I nearly took him serious but I recalled what I read on Patrikobi, an online news of August 8, 2012 edition which gave a little about the nefarious deeds and activities of Odimegwu. Please read along: After exposing the man that does the dirty deals for Orji Kalu few weeks ago, this news online has stumbled on another Kalu's hatchet man by name : Odimegwu Onwumere, a drop out like the former Abia governor. He lives in Port Harcourt, Rivers state where he is busy blackmailing people through his halve baked articles. It was learnt that Kalu used him for his dirty deals while in office and all the promises the former governor made to him were not fulfilled. Angered by this, Onwumere who was once jailed in Port Harcourt for libel, threatened to expose Kalu, a situation that forced the Igbere politician to enter into an agreement to pay him 30 thousand naira a month to blackmail perceived enemies, especially EFCC and the presidency.

As you can see above, Odimegwu is faceless, unstable, a desperate jobber, ready to hang himself to a paltry 30,000 naira; talk about a modern day Judas. Not only the above, Odimegwu is an ex-convict, scandal merchant and journalistic imposter, more of a scum and scourge egged on by a new literary disease. Reading through his garbage of writings, there is no slight indication that he has flair for writing. His evil script is a catalogue of mendacity full of avoidable errors and expressions, disjointed sentences, confused verbs and misplaced syntaxes. What more can we expect from a drop out and ex-convict who has not regretted his inglorious past.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution and universally accredited as one of man's inalienable rights, but there are applicable laws against the abuse of these rights which Odimegwu knows having been jailed once for libel.

It is quiet unfortunate that an honourable man like Sir T A Orji, a man so, venerated, elected by popular votes of responsible Abians is so basely challenged by a man who does not know what honour and good name are worth.

.In paragraph two of his warped presentation, he repudiated the claims that T.A has restored dignity. The truth is that Odimegwu hardly knows the meaning of dignity. Talk about gold and the mad man or beauty and the beast. If he does, who has not heard of how the Governor tackled armed robbery and kidnapping, emboldening Abians to stand firmly to challenge crime. How else can dignity be restored if not by stopping warring political camps and uniting them into one big family, speaking with one responsible voice, a scarce commodity in the last administration? Onyema Ugochukwu, Senator Ike Nwachukwu, Ohuabunwa, Sen Adolph Nwagbara, sage Adaelu, Vin Ogbulafor, Adighije, Enyinnaya Abaribe, name them.

Just in the last week of December, the Governor attended the traditional marriage of Chief Ugochukwu's daughter, a dedication of a church built by Ikechi Emenike and all other healing and bonding activities. Which other way can dignity be restored if not by equipping Abia youths with skills and engaging them gainfully, involving them into various activities that with unanimity inculcate into their psyche that labour overcomes everything- a move supported by foremost African-American author, Booker T Washington, who said 'no race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.'

In all his rigmaroles, in paragraph 12, he questions on projects completed by Orji's administration and I keep wondering if he is deaf or blind. Where does Onwumere hail from? It is obvious that he is a drifter, a man of no fixed address and no visible means. The projects of Ochendo are singsongs in Abia and beyond. They are physical in distinct geographical locations. They are all in the 3 senatorial zones tangible, verifiable in the map of Abia. I am getting tired of repeating these.

Ignoring obvious grammatical errors like “down deep”, and “crashed in the abyss” Odimegwu should look for another job. His greatest effort as seen in his hubris is trying to protect Orji Uzor Kalu so that he could keep getting his 30,000 Naira. He should go ahead but avoid blackmail and libel which will certainly take him back to jail.

Orji uzor presided over Abia for eight solid years like a colossus and sent good men scampering for safety in Abuja and Lagos. Now that Abia is united and men dignified, he should let us be. He is still free to come back for re-election possibly to right his misdeeds not by sponsoring goons to insult the intelligence of Abians and our judiciously elected. Odimegwu and kinds are people who can't attract any patronage even with their nuisance value. Embarking on the negative and unsubstantiated claims will get them into more troubles.

Eddie Onuzuruike