Farida on the psychiatric test for office contenders

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It looks like the EFCC leadership is waking up from slumber. Recently the EFCC Chairman, Waziri, said “The extent of aggrandizement and accumulation of wealth that I have

observed suggests to me that some people are mentally and Psychologically unsuitable for public office. We have observed people amassing public wealth to a point suggesting madness or some form of obsessive-compulsive psychiatric disorder”. When she revealed that some governors use drugs without letting us know those, what does she expect? But why is Waziri still keeping quiet over the information she volunteered when she averred sometime ago that a first-term governor had bought a property worth billions of Naira in Abuja within few months in office? Why is she also turning her eyes away from a published letter in the media recently, about Union Homes (a subsidiary of Union Bank PLC) where a bank facility of about one billion Naira which a sitting governor of one of the south-south States had accumulated but now seems to have disappeared in the bank's record? The sacked Union Bank Managing Director shielded the governor who is alleged to have come from the State as he. He had stopped a court action which the bank's external lawyers were initially contracted to handle. How was the amount settled; with public fund or written off as bad debt? EFCC leadership should stop all this type of talks which may be to gain public support or present it as not lacking in its (operational) modus operandi. It should move into actions. It is not only the president, vice-president, governors, other elected office holders and ministers that should be psychiatrically tested but also those who are being appointed to anti-graft agencies and judiciary so that they do not continue compromising in their duties.

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