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True love is not conditioned by religion, ethnicity or background Pastor TB Joshua demonstrates with his touching charitable activities, breaking down racial, facial and denominational barriers in the process……

“I have lost hope,” Akin John Akamo, a bright young student of UNILAG (The University of Lagos) lamented. “I can't afford even N500 for feeding. Just to eat, I am forced to beg – and the date to pay my school fees is tomorrow. Please, man of God – I need your help.” After losing his manual job, John had experienced tough times, his farmer parents in the village with no viable help to offer. The Christ Embassy member and Accounting student, who was scheduled to pay his outstanding second year school fees the subsequent day, had mere stipends on his person. Almost resigning himself to the fate of a university drop-out, his last-gasp grasp for assistance led him to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations on Sunday 18th August, having witnessed the large heart and generous attitude of TB Joshua via Emmanuel TV.

“How much are the fees?” queried the Prophet. “N59 750 sir,” “Give him N100 000.” John gasped, the crowd roared - hope rekindled in a glorious split-second. “Whatever you receive here, it's like you receive it from Christ Embassy,” explained Joshua. “It is God Almighty that gives money – the name does not matter.” Proceeding to counsel the beneficiary, Joshua exhorted him to be more committed and dedicated to Christian services within Christ Embassy, led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. “Go back to your ministry and worship God – we will be your prayer partner. Be in a department where you will be useful for the glory of God, and be more committed in your ministry.” Knowing his difficulty in feeding, three bags of rice were included in the gift.

The prior week, TB Joshua had given N300 000 to a poverty-stricken widow who attended the Roman Catholic church, his passion for the needy not dictated to or determined by any externally induced conditions. The majority of the beneficiaries of Joshua's extensive charitable programs are not members of his church, a significant number not even Christians. “You will begin to succeed with your life when the pains and problems of others begin to matter to you,” he said, explaining that Christians are to love first, irrespective of colour, culture, creed or class. “The secret of blessing,” according to the pastor, “is in giving.”

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