If you visit online newspapers and especially that of, now, you would be amazed on the running photographs, of expressions (it is named Paparazzi). It was there that I got the above heading. The online newspaper had put the two governors walking hand-in-hand and labeled them 'birds of the same feather'.

On the Borno governor Bunu Sheriff, it captioned “Authentic Boko Haram but dreadfully destroying any corroboration that links him with the sect”. On Akwa Ibom governor Godswill Akpabio, it was “A renowned financier of militants; criticizes the kidnappers openly but in cahoots with them”.

On the two, I think it could be the chickens have come home to roost. While Sheriff may not be able to extricate himself from Boko Haram, it could be a fact that when Akwa Ibom government was accused by many respected indigenes of the state, of sponsoring kidnappers, and realizing that it could be proven, the media reports now has shown drastic reduction of kidnapping in that State. But it's reported dreaded AKPF and ADV groups (now said to be in control of the state PDP) may still be alive. One can understand that Akpabio may be wishing a second term, but what can be said of Sheriff who is on his last leg; he should not be allowed to plant any surrogate.

Other State governors should be x-rayed; there could be other similarities.

Alhaji Mutum Bello, 1 Bello Close, Bukuru, Jos.

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