Dear Editor,
We should borrow leaf from what happened to the alleged head of Boko Haram, Muhammed Yusuf and one of their financiers, Governor Sheriff's former commissioner for Religious Matters, Alhaji Buji Foi. Let a warning be put to the presidency that the repentant militant Boyloaf and colleagues should be given strong police protection rather than being targeted for elimination because of the beans he has started spilling regarding their financier abound in the presidency. The request for the protection was even voiced out by the militants while interacting with journalists after their meeting with the Presidency.

It should be recalled that the Presidency, after the bombardment of militant locations in Delta State, said it came across names of the militants' sponsors. This according to it was retrieved from Tompolo's enclave. The nation is still waiting anxiously for the information which the federal government had advertised. Holding it back would do more damage. The public must not allow this quest to die down like Boko Haram's.

The information making the round is that “Boko Haram” leader would have revealed more if he was allowed (still) alive. No wonder he was eliminated just like that. This is the more reason, I am now shouting that the former militant Boyloaf must not be eliminated and he must be forced to mention one of their sponsor now in the presidency, who funded him in 2005 with the initial sum of N15million as he (Boyloaf) revealed on the front page of Daily Sun newspaper of Friday August 7, 2009. The government should be serious, sincere and transparent, if you like, for once.

Efosa Fredrick, Ikpoba Slope, Benin City