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People of the world hear their words: Pastor David Ibiyeomie “a man attested by God to you by miracles, wonders, and signs which God did through Him in your midst, as you yourselves also know” (Acts 2:22). An apostle not a title but a Messenger of God sent with a message to his generation to enforce the purpose/plans of God to enthrone the rule of God in the hearts of people who believe the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. What set person apart is not what they say they are called to do but the message they “do and teach” (Acts 1:1). The strength and power of the body of Christ today did not come by accident. It is a work of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit anoints faithful and humble servants to bring about his His purposes.

As a writer both creative and critical, l find it not too cumbersome to attempt analyzing an issue, event or person after a brief or deeper study. I have written extensively on some men of God but this one, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, I lack words for days now to describe, analyze and do this write-up on his person and achievements. Why? He is a man of many parts. An Evangelist par Excellence. A Conference Speaker, a Prophet, an unrepentant philanthropist, a pastor, a resource manager, and an apostle with distinctive message of prosperity and good health. Who is this apostle of prosperity and good health? What stand him out among his peers? Why is his Church the fastest growing and populated Church in Africa and by extension the world today? I find in him and his Church, Salvation Ministries certain, distinctive.

Who is Pastor David Ibiyeomie? A profile: Birth - David Ibiyeomie was born in Bonny Island on the 21st of October 1962. Even though he was born in Bonny, his late parents were indigenes of Bolo Town in Ogu /Bolo Local Government Area of Rivers State and this biologically speaking makes him an indigene of Bolo Town. Education: David Ibiyeomie attended Banham Primary School, Port Harcourt from 1969 to 1974 for his primary education; attended Government Comprehensive Secondary School from 1974 to 1979 and Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt from 1980 to 1084. In recognition of his diligence and result oriented Ministry the Bradley University of America awarded him an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity on the 15th of May 2004. Calling: David Ibiyeomie became born again in 1995. By Divine Calling, he is a Pastor, a Teacher and also an Evangelist of the Gospel, to be modest. He discovered his divine calling in 1995. Pastoral: David Ibiyeomie believes so much in excellence and which formed his life style right from Secondary School days. This besides divine leading influenced his decision to be trained under a great Apostle and prophet of God, Bishop David Oyedepo. He attended full time Bible School in the Word of Faith Bible Institute, an arm of David Oyedepo’s Ministries in 1996. In the course of his training, he was greatly influenced by Bishop Oyedepo’s standards, and impact

Pursuit of Ministry: While in the Bible School the vision to establish and run Church based ministry became very clear. He therefore decided to answer the divine call after Bible School training in 1996 which led to the establishment of Salvation Ministries (Glorious Chapel) which began in April 13, 1997 with a little over twenty persons has blossomed into over fifty thousand adult regular worshippers with twenty four satellite churches in Rivers State and one in Bayelsa State. By reason of the teeming population, the church runs five services on Sundays and two services on Thursdays in all her satellite churches also. It is a mega church and one of the fastest growing churches in the world. The Church headquarters is presently located at Plot 17 Birabi Street, GRA Phase 1, Port Harcourt in Rivers State of Nigeria.

Television Ministry: As part of the divine vision received from God, David Ibiyeomie runs a virile television outreach named Hour of Salvation which cuts across the nations of the world like DAYSTAR TELEVISION (U.S.A), KICC (LONDON), GODTV, INSPIRATION INTERNATIONAL (U.K), and BENTV. WJYS (CHICAGO), MCTV (CHICAGO), ACBN, and so many others that cut across Africa and Nigeria where souls are reached, saved and imparted through this ministry.


Family: David Ibiyeomie is joyfully married to Peace Ibiyeomie who is also a Pastor by calling and they are blessed with a son David. Under his leadership are eleven full time Pastors, thirty seven part time pastors and over fifty five non-pastoral staff. David Ibiyeomie is the presiding Pastor of Salvation Ministries (Home of Success), one of the fastest growing Churches the world over. He is anointed and called with the mandate to “Establish the Kingdom Of God Here On Earth” through infallible proofs. His television programme “The Hour of Salvation” has been a great blessing to all and sundry with testimonies of creative miracles. Undoubtedly, David Ibiyeomie is one of the most revered authorities in financial prosperity, success, healing among others. As an ardent teacher of the word of God, David Ibiyeomie brings to the fore the timeless truth of the word of God in conjunction with insights of great thinkers to deliver a maximum dose of scriptural truths for success and breakthroughs. He is happily married with a thriving family.

Every great accomplishment secular or no-secular is a product of vision. Vision is the soul of success. The Biblical truth “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he” holds true in ministry as well as secular business. Any ministry not founded upon divine vision is bound to “perish”. Salvation Ministries (Home of Success) was founded on divine vision and that is why it will continue to flourish and blossom and its impact shall have no end globally.

The Commission's Mandate: In 1995, God called His servant Pastor David Ibiyeomie and in a vision commissioned him with a divine mandate "TO ESTABLISH THE KINGDOM OF GOD HERE ON EARTH". What does this mandate mean? This simply means to reflect and manifest heaven here on earth. This divine task left him with the responsibility of making people live heavenly life on the earth through the undiluted and insightful teaching of the word of God for which he is also backed up with the divine grace of God. Living heavenly life on earth means: Manifesting the nature of God on earth. i.e. living in righteousness and holiness here on earth because there is no sin in heaven. Living in prosperity and good health here on earth because in heaven there is no poverty and sickness. • Living in joy and peace because in heaven there is no sorrow and restlessness • Living in love because in heaven there is no hatred • Being successful while on earth for there is no failure in heaven. These have formed the boundaries of the teachings of the commission.

How the Church Started: Just as every great empire today had a little beginning so also Salvation Ministries (Home of Success) had a little beginning. The Servant of God, Pastor David ibiyeomie having completed his Bible School training at Word of Faith Bible Institute at 38 Raji Oba Street, Iyane Ipaja, Lagos by divine leading started a house fellowship with one family only at 1689B Buraimo Kenku Street, Victoria Island Lagos to sustain the fire i.e. anointing, being fresh from Bible School. This fellowship was divinely instructed by God to be put in place and the servant of God undertook the assignment with passion and commitment, and God proved Himself faithfully through His manifestations. “God will always prove you faithful with the small thing before He commits the greater one into your hand.” He said. The servant of God was faithful to that little assignment and when the appointed time to start full Church came, God instructed him to relocate to Port Harcourt, specifically G.R.A., Port Harcourt. Thus Salvation Ministries (Glorious Chapel) started on April 13th, 1997 at Plot 35 Birabi Street, G.R.A. Phase 1, Port Harcourt with a little over twenty (20) persons in attendance including himself and his wife. Just as God is always true and faithful concerning His word.

The word that “though thy beginning was small, yet they later end should greatly increase” (Job 8:7), is clearly manifesting as the Church that started with a little over twenty persons is now thousand in membership. To God be the glory. The Church in July 1999, relocated from Plot 35 Birabi to Plot 17 Birabi Street, (the present place) in G.R.A Port Harcourt. As a result of ever surging crowd, the Church which is now a mega church would soon relocate to her "NEW SITE" with a state of the Art Architectural Master piece Cathedral and hi-tech facilities, at Igwuruta, along International Airport Road. The capacity of the cathedral is going to be amongst the largest in the world. Is God not faithful? He is indeed very faithful.

The Training Ministry: Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) is a non - denominational institute where the word of God is taught to equip Christians with the knowledge to handle various issues of life with result. The School run three (3) different Programmes, ie: Basic Certificate Course, Advanced Certificate Course, Diploma Certificate Course.

Word of Life Bible Institute and some Pictures of the Small beginning

What stand Pastor David Ibiyeomie and his Church, Salvation Ministries out? An unusual grace. Grace, one writer says, God appoints to be nurses to other men’s weaknesses. Pastor David Ibiyeomie must therefore have this “God’s grace”, this outer expression of the inward harmony of the soul in abundance and has never ceased to use it maximally through selfless service to humanity and making his joy the happiness of others especially the needy.

Some distinctive with Pastor David Ibiyeomie and Salvation Ministries. Distinctive in purpose - to establish the kingdom of God on earth through infallible proofs. His Ministry like that of Jesus Christ is what He began to “do and teach” set the pace. Pastor David Ibiyeomie is a pacesetter. Everything about him is a touch of excellence. From the entrance gate to the large auditorium, overflow worship centre and to the administrative building you do not just walk into the presence of God, you encounter and enveloped by God’s presence that is distinctively Pastor David Ibiyeomie and Salvation Ministries. Pastor David Ibiyeome, “the gift of the Spirit began manifest in his life and revelation abound like never before. Because of his spiritual obedience, thousands are healed under his ministry”. Because, “God continually spoke to him, His heart is constantly tugged toward full time ministry as soon as he gave his life to Christ in 1995. He realized there were many truths in the bible that had been neglected by the clergy of these days” He determined that his mission would reach the uncared for and perishing masses of the whole world with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Against hypocritical opposing clergy, fierce and slanderous tabloids, murderous mobs, and relentless government officials that want to undermine the work of God under his leadership at the headquarters base in 17 Birabi Street, GRA Port Harcourt, Pastor David Ibiyeomie wore his apostolic calling as a crown from God, and his persecution as a badge of honour. Distinctive in miracles, Signs and wonders. Like the case of Apostolic Paul, “Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them”(Acts 19: 11-12). Like his mentor Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor David Ibiyeomie carries this unusual grace manifesting miracles, signs, and wonders in every service. This medium cannot contain all such wonders of God’s grace upon Pastor David Ibiyeomie. To mention a few, there is special grace l notice, the healing of several tons of HIV persons certified healed by medical doctors in each case.

Our Testimony: My family and I came into the commission on transitory basis in April 2012 after I had encounter with Pastor David Ibiyeomie. We have always been friends over the years afar off. On my way from his office in one of the day in April 2012, the Lord spoke to me in front of Hotel Presidential that I should go and understudy the servant of God. This led me to close down the Seminary I was running. I left my former Church as the Assistant General Overseer/National Administrator. To obey God after series of doctoral degrees in Education Management, Religious Education, Mission/Intercultural Studies and have serve in Universities and Seminaries overseas, it was not easy but l was sure of the voice I heard. And our experiences since coming over to Salvation Ministries, began the Christian life afresh undergoing his tutoring in Basic, Advance and Diploma in Word of Life Bible Institute. And participating in weekly services has proved that I heard from God. The proofs of what my family and I have gained is the answers to cynics and Senior ministers who took me aside to ask what am l doing in Salvation Ministries. The proofs of the distinctive of God’s grace in Pastor David Ibiyeomie that has impacted my family and I are numerous. In summary, before we came to Salvation Ministries we lived debts, low on integrity. Irregular in tithe payment. Addicted to sickness. Near success syndrome, problem with every relationship I had with people, no matter my gifting and contributions to the ministry and well-being of others, it always end up in embarrassments and quarrels. Twice my wife and I separated.

Disagreements with my children. Some lived on their own. Some deserted, left school into cults and indulging in social vices. To God’s glory, the story has changed. My family is now one, living together. My Wife, children, and I now worship and follow the teachings of Pastor David Ibiyeomie. Debts gone. I was healed of cancer, prostatitis’. My wife healed of Tuberculosis and other infections that afflicted her lung, chest, throat, ears that impaired her ability to speak and hear well. Beside me, Pastor David Ibiyeomie sponsored my wife, two of our children through the Bible School. One of my Sons, Nehemiah who deserted and went to Ghana returned home, sponsored to Bible school now active in service group of Salvation Ministries.

Above all the perspective, insight and understanding l now have in three months Bible School under Pastor David Ibiyeomie, is more than all my years of University and Seminary education. The new perspective has made me to rewrite my books, articles and change approach a lot. The practicality, holiness and evidential proofs the Ministry of Pastor David Ibyeomie has equipped me as world changer ready for exploits as we transit through Salvation Ministries to our place in destiny. My family and l are proofs of the distinctive impact of Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s glorious ministry. Distinctive in leadership-Pastor David Ibiyeomie leads the Church by setting the spiritual tone, keeping the members conscious of its worldwide mission, and calling to reach his or her greatest potential for Christ and the kingdom of God. Distinctive in message. The old fashioned Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit is boldly proclaimed without compromise. Members are encouraged to proclaim the whole Gospel to the whole man to the whole world and do likewise - practitioners of what they preach. Pastor David Ibiyeonine when it comes to the word of God he goes for the practical not theory or theology.

Distinctive in atmosphere - members study, learn, worship in the dynamic environment of the Christian community of Salvation Ministries. The activities and excitement of the large host Church, Christian School, the television ministry, book ministry, the crusade meetings, and extensive overseas ministries all contribute to the members’ development and training. Distinctive in lifestyle - 1 notice you cannot worship in Salvation Ministries under Pastor David Ibiyeomie and remain living in sin. Pastors, lecturers of the Bible School, students and members of the Church are expected to possess and exemplify a high standard of personal ethic, dress and appearance, cultivating a life of prayer and complete devotion to God. A strong emphasis is placed in health, nutrition and physical fitness as unto the Lord.

Distinctive in Church organization and worship services. Everything is done “decently and in order” (1Cor. 14: 40). From thanksgiving prayer, testimonies time, praise and the word which is giving prominent place in each service everything is done decently and in order. Offering collected without the fanfare and elaborate singings and dancing as in some churches. Everything is timed and organized. Prayers are scripture based and effective. The Holy communion, the mantle, anointed oil, everything and every person in services and in tune with Pastor David Ibiyeomie carries the awesome grace of God. Miracles, signs and wonders are not a show off or fake. They are daily normal occurrences that flows here as the servant of God, Pastor David Ibiyeomie leads, preach and demonstrate the practicality of the truth of God’s word.

While talking about these personal demonstration of living a life for others through sacrifice it must be pointed out that there is no exception not even the churches whose mandated is and should be to win souls for and as demonstrated by Pastor David Ibiyeomie. After all, the souls won for and must be healthy and happy souls, not sad crying suffering souls as Chris Konkwo of National Network Newspaper observed. Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s central message focuses on the prosperity of all round success (Josh-1:8) and good health of all believers (3 Jn.2). Like Jesus Christ he exemplifies these teachings in deeds of good works (Tit 3:8) by helping the needy. The poor, widows, orphans, scholarship to indigents, housing for pastors. All his Pastors drive same jeeps he drives and owns, cloth and ministers to the felt needs of the poor in numerous ways. Pastor Ibiyeomie has by all standards proved that you don’t just need to be in government or be a politician or businessman to be able to assist others especially those in need.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie has also proved that as a man of God in the real sense of it, anointed and ordained for the job need not be a refuse dump, expecting others to be bringing but will never give as is the case with not a few clerics today. What about employment to some jobless talented persons, scholarships at various levels of academic pursuit and even championing the cause of the downtrodden. Did I hear you say practical Christianity in action? That is what it is, nothing less. Heaven according to Henry W. Becher will be inherited by everyman who had heaven in his soul. We cannot appreciate enough but suffice to recall the inspiring words of Booker T. Washington that “No man who continues to add something to the material, intellectual and moral well-being of the place in which he lives is left long without proper reward”. Yet not in the rewards, but the strength to strive, the blessing lies (J.T.Tow Bridge).

And to those who are yet to attain Pastor David Ibiyeonie’s social and spiritual height especially the clergy, the religious, the critics, I wish to remind that the object of religion, religion being the sum of the expansive impulses of a being is not to get a man to heaven but to get heaven into him. And to this rare cleric of our generation, Evangelist extra- ordinary, fearless preacher of the word, prophet and Apostle of prosperity and good health, Pastor David Ibiyeomie we congratulate you for an indelible mark on the water of history. Sunday 21st October 2012 marks exactly 50 years of eventful sojourn (birthday) on earth. “May God prosper you and your family and multiply everything you own” (1Sam. 25:6, TLB). Any publisher /Editor that publishes this commemorative article on Pastor David Ibiyeomie @ 50 Golden Cheers either print, electronic and online shall receive the grace of Pastor David Ibiyeomie this season to excel, prosper and succeed beyond measure. This article serve as mantle from Pastor David Ibiyeomie under who I serve God that same grace shall follow those who publish and read this birthday article in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Written By Dr. Lewis Akpogena
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