Hmm!! Hausa Actress, Rahama Sadau Allows Married Man Touch her Chest

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Hmm, no matter how many might chose to see or describe Nollywood, some persons will stay agree that the industry has really tried like helping to save the career of Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau.

Recall that some months back, the popular Kannywood actress was ban from any movies in the industry just because she featured in a musical video which after viewed by fans had nothing bad to portray.

Well, she never lose hope in her creator who opened other opportunities for her in the English part of Nollywood as she has been able to pitch her tent along with other stars.

Recently, she allowed popular effect creator, Hakeem Effect, to touch her chest which naturally in the Kannywood industry, it was generated a serious issue but she had no issues with that as it also brought out the creativity in Hakeem.

You might want to start talking about the symbol on the chest but me I’m wondering how Hakeem summon the courage to even touch her chest sef without being scared that her people might come for him (laugh.)

Watch out for the movie, ‘TATU,’ which will soon be released in couple of months.