Nigeria Good people Great Nation, how feasible? - by Emmanuel Ajibulu


Laudable as the initiative may seem to be as orchestrated by its advocates, with the generic essence of showcasing Nigeria to the world as a country worth partnering with in every facets of life devoid of nefarious tendencies.

Thumb up should be given to Prof. Dora Akunyuli in respect of her meritorious achievements as the former NAFDAC DG and currently the county's Minister of Information and Communication who is on another rescue mission to redeeming Nigeria's battered image. Indeed her good work should be commended and appreciated.

However, one thing should be considered in the principle of brand management which is the unique selling point. What can we describe as Nigeria's unique selling point as a global brand before they come about this initiative? For example there is a product which calls its unique selling point what a soothing relief, and truly having used that particular product relief often comes to the consumer of the product, another says nothing refreshes like...and truly if one drinks it, it puts an end to thirst. Looking beyond products, India describes itself as Incredible India and that can be tied to Tourism and IT. Truly Asia when such sound comes to ear the impression that gives suggests that Malaysia who is the proponent of that pay off line (Truly Asia) is likely to be the root for all Asian States.

In this wider scholarly reasoning, Nigeria is considered as a product or brand expected to enjoy widespread patronage across the globe, but the question is, on what basis will Nigeria tie its rebranding? Will it be on investment, security, tourism, corruption-free-state, virile democratic principles, rule of law, infrastructure development among other things?

We have seen a lot of governors (some who are still serving and some out of office) accused of different corrupt practices at the expense of the people they serve(d) in their respective states. We have heard of ministers in key ministries, Chairmen of Boards, MDs, DGs etc, whose hands have also been soiled with allegations of money laundering and financial misappropriation. Meanwhile these issues are yet to be completely resolved by the anti graft agents in the country. These high profile corruptions are part of the factors bedevilling the progress of the country and dragging the name to the mud among comity of nations and keeping away the name of the country from being great or good.

Recently the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advised it nationals that reside in the Niger/Delta to leave immediately affirming that the region is no longer safe for them to live. According to a statement credited to them: "We advise against all travelling to the Niger Delta States of Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers (including Port Harcourt) and advise British nationals in these States to leave. This is because of the very high risk of kidnapping, armed robbery and other armed attacks in these areas". Akwa Ibom State, Bauchi State, and Plateau State were also listed as danger zones. This apparently does not portray our image well as a nation, and what that brings to mind is that there is no safety in Nigeria even if we intend to tie our unique selling point to tourism or safety this will definitely not attract tourist or even investors to our country.

The last elections conducted in Nigeria was described to have been marred with a lot of malpractices with attendant court cases challenging the victory of some elected public officials, and re-run election in some instances, and the sack of few from offices. This incessant ordeal really projects Nigeria as a country that lacks the ability to conduct free and fair election, country that has lost its value system and integrity. The ripple effect of that is that no investor can show any serious commitment in such environment where there is no guarantee for stability in government.

Moreover, we should not shy away from the fact that no nation can be said to be great if the enabling environment cannot cater for good health, good infrastructure, gainful employment, security of lives and properties, sincerity of purpose by every players in all sectors to mention but a few.

For this campaign to have driven well its intention as promulgated by the federal government of Nigeria, the government of the day should first of all embarked on a re-orientation programme across board, (in the ministries/parastatals/agencies, Schools, among artisans and elites, police, military, customs, immigration, SSS, in the sports circle, in the LG, States and at the Federal level etc) so that an average Nigeria can take ownership of this virile and veritable initiative, until then we are likely not to make any head way to truly reposition Nigeria amongst the leading economies of the world as Good People Great Nation.

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