Sexual problems of Ghanaian men

By The Mirror-John Boakye
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It is the dream of all men to have a longer excitement, exploration and pure magic during love making. Unfortunately, many Ghanaian men can't last as long as they wish.

There are also those who can't even start anything. They come in different names - the government has seized their gun, to being in a freezer, to light off, but all these simply mean they are impotent.

Problems with men

Premature ejaculation: This is the persistent or recurrent ejaculation before, upon, or shortly after penetration or ejaculation before the individual wishes. It is estimated that 25 percent of all men have premature ejaculation. This problem, however, improves with age but it is one great source of unhappiness for husband and wife.

Premature ejaculation is basically a problem of the mind and must be cured there. Most Ghanaian men are too self-focused and think only of strong, forceful penetration.

They see sex as the time to show a woman they are strong. They are rough and fail to maintain motionless position for about two minutes immediately after entrance to gain a degree of control that retards ejaculation.

Many have the myth that the deeper they go the better. Fact is that, after three inches down she is almost insensitive. You only hasten ejaculation while reducing the arousal of the woman.

The principle of reducing premature ejaculation is to reduce sensitivity on the male organ immediately after entrance.

Common methods of control include stop and start technique, squeeze technique and wearing of condom.

Impotence: It is the inability to achieve erection or sustain enough erection to have a sexual intercourse. Studies indicate impotency is increasing at an alarming rate in Ghana. People in their youth are known to be victims.

Impotency is particularly serious in Ghana where some men liken it to death sentence. Sadly some men commit suicide because they think there can be no life without their virility.

There are two causes of impotency. One is physical, caused by damage to nerves involved with the sexual act or body weakness caused by poor lifestyle like substance abuse which predisposes abusers to diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

The second cause is psychological which refers to poor state of the mind. Examples are eagerness, bitterness, guilt and unreasonable expectation. Others include fear of rejection, inability to satisfy wife, fatigue, depression and feeling inferior.

Studies show that a nagging wife could make her husband impotent. Happily, research has shown that 90 per cent of impotence can be cured.

Approach sex with greatness. Be calm and build a positive mental attitude. Be anxious for nothing. The more you think and worry about your problem the worse it becomes. If you think of impotence you get impotent.

Have honest talks with your wife. Sadly due to our cultural practices many find it a taboo to discuss sexual problems. It doesn't get better. A wife must support the husband in this frustrating period and assure of the support and love. She must be understanding and avoid putting pressure to perform nagging or statements that give impression he is unworthy. She must also avoid extra-marital affair. The suspicion that a wife is unfaithful because her man is impotent has great psychological harm and some husbands react violently.

Seek counsel and marital advice. It is, however, important that a man avoids local concoctions on the market. Most of them may worsen your situation and predispose you to many diseases like kidney and liver failures.

Watch your habits. Have a balanced diet. Drink at least eight glasses of water. Exercise at least three days in a week for 20 minutes. Above all, develop a positive mental attitude.

Nothing can happen to you except what you put on your subconscious mind. With determination and love of a devoted wife most men can regain their precious possessions and share in the excitement that sexual life provides.

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