The news that is currently making the rounds right now is the recent sorrowful and unfortunate death of the younger sister of star artiste Morachi named Sandra.

The young woman who was said to have been so expressive of her womanhood and was full of life was alleged to have died in the hands of ritualists who invited her out through a very close friend of hers only to lure her to her death.

According to those peddling the gist,Sandra said to be a carefree and happy-go-lucky woman in her twenties had gone out in answer to a call from an acquaintance to come and meet one Aristo and was never seen many days after until her already canibalised body was seen in parts around the NNPC Depot area in Ejigbo.

The young woman who was very popular around club houses and entertainment places was allegedly missing for days and according to eye witnesses,had her eyes gorged out and her private part including breast removed.

The city is agog with the gists of the death of the young woman said to have been raised in a Deeeper Life Church only to derail into the vain life all suggesting that it must have been the act of ritualists.

They also unanimously agree that Sandra's unadulterated fun seeking lifestyle helped fan the flames that caused her untimely death.Close friends of her brother Morachi say he has become a recluse and even cut short the promotion of his latest musical effort.