Governor Oshiomole Again! Call Amen Osunde to order!


True, Nigeria is a land of many abnormalities- the perfect metaphor for everything unusual. It is the ironic version of Voltaire's “Utopia” where events always seem to go directly against the model of immaculate norms and Amen Osunde, the new Chairman of the Edo state Petroleum Monitoring Committee has not relented in abiding to this skewed model of human normalcy.

Since his appointment by Governor Adams Oshiomole as the helmsman of the newly constituted Petroleum Monitoring Committee (DPK), Mr. Osunde has carried on his duties with the blunt tools of lawlessness and barbarism. It is a situation that has aroused equal sentiments of distress and disgust amongst the general public particularly Independent Petroleum Marketers.

On the 21st of May 2009 at about 2pm, the PMC boss and his band of social miscreants stormed the premises of Laco Petroleum Limited, a petroleum station located at the heart of the ever buzzing New Benin Market. On arrival, they made reach for the Managing Directors Office, ignoring all procedures of approved social courtesy. Mr. Amen questioned the Laco boss on how much he sold PMS in his station, and he responded by telling him that the stations selling price was 70 naira as this was the only way to make a profit as he got his product from Lagos. At first Mr. Amen seemed to be satisfied with this (as the state has instructed that prices don't go above 70 naira) but a sudden change in behavior occurred after Mr. Amen had a little chat whit one of the members of his entourage. In a further display of his dangerous ignorance or should I say, primitive lunacy; Mr. Osunde dragged the Laco boss out of his office and ordered him to perch on the floor as if he was a social fugitive guilty of unspeakable wrongs. He (Mr. Osunde) failed to give any plausible reasons when asked his reasons for such an irrational and thoughtless behavior. In the full glare of the day, a young, diligent and honorable entrepreneur was humiliated and dehumanized for no just cause. He then ordered the Laco boss into a coaster bus and manned the pumps of the station making sure they sold PMS at 50 naira; 20 naira below the accepted selling price. The Coaster Bus in which the MD boarded was taken to a police station where Mr. Amen made an attempt to connive with the DPO of the station to get the MD locked up. The DPO knowing well what the law stipulates refused to play out his script and ordered that the Coaster Bus driver drive after him to the Edo State Government House.

On arrival at the Edo State Government House, the chairman personally ordered the Laco boss out of the Coaster bus and again ordered him to sit on the floor or else risk been beaten up. He then called in the media, both the print and electronic, to take photographs and video the Laco boss while seated on the floor and granted an interview where he accused him of Oil Bunkering and involvement in sharp practices, he went further to say that he was going to use the MD as a scapegoat, so as to serve as a deterrent to others planning such act. The Chairman, Edo Sate Monitoring Committee on Petroleum Products, Mr. Amen Osunde with the assistance of a Police Corporal by name Felix Attah humiliated, abused, dehumanized and violated the Laco boss's fundamental human rights

Put on any pedestal of right, such an act of plenary malfeasance cannot and should not be accepted in this age and time. People like Mr. Osunde continue to eat deep into the cloth of Nigeria's already bastardized sense of law- a school of thought whereby the rule of law is totally short changed by stupendous acts like this. What happened to the cliché- due process? For one clearly imbecilic individual to take the laws into his hands and subject people to inhumane conditions is totally ridiculous.

So I humbly call upon the honorable Governor of Edo state, Comrade Adams Oshiomole, to call Mr. Osunde to order, for he posses a threat to the Governor's efforts to create a tranquil and just system. Such bad eggs shouldn't be tolerated, for they are menaces to Nigerians, who do nothing but lead them a step closer to catastrophe and total moral deliquesce.

Signed Laco

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