By NBF News

By Prince Osuagwu
Frontline computer and back end company, International Business Machines, IBM, believes that organizations that embrace the concept of smarter computing and are approaching computing in a different way, are likely to build and enhance easily, the infrastructure they already have.

This is because they would  have harnessed data and integrated information to unlock insights and make better decisions, quicker.

Smarter computing helps companies optimized their systems for specific tasks to deliver the efficiency and performance required in an ever more competitive and challenging world as is seen today. Moreover, cloud computing aids rapid delivery of new services that can benefit local communities and businesses alike, just like it helps position IT leaders and their teams to drive innovation for their businesses, rather than just being the implementers.

As a result, these organizations are achieving better economics through much more efficient IT. Making a presentation  on the services in Lagos recently, IBM Systems Sales Manager, Mr. Osunkoya David said that IBM solutions have new capabilities that help businesses accelerate the journey to smarter computing, including new efficient storage systems, cloud solutions, the next wave of optimized systems and solutions that help clients better manage and control their data needs.

These capabilities according to the company will help business accelerate the journey to smarter computing, bringing more of the benefits that can reduce  Server acquisition costs by up to 56%, Database costs by up to 68%, Floor space by up to 90% and Power consumption by up to 80%. The new offerings drive:

Storage Efficiency: No organisation is alone when it comes to finding ways to cope with the explosion of information we have seen in the last decade, largely due to the Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices and interconnected systems.

Couple that with little or no growth in IT budgets as the world economy faces challenging times, IBM's new storage systems are designed to meet a higher level expectation when it comes to efficiency, agility and speed. One of our mantras is, 'do more with less.'

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions: IBM is providing a complete portfolio to help companies rapidly build cloud environments, with multiple entry points ranging from virtualization to entry and advanced clouds. New entry solutions, delivered through 'starter kits' from IBM, help businesses respond to changing demands and accelerate cloud deployment, while improving operations productivity.

Smarter Analytics: Of course, having a vast amount of data to work with is no guarantee that effective business decision will be made and made in a timely fashion. Where data is being used well we often see that the time it takes to be able to make a decision or for the organization to become aware of an issue takes far too long.

Our new solutions take that data to make better business decisions in real time, with all-in-one cost-effective business analytics systems and reporting services across System x, Power and System z platforms. Something for everyone.

Optimized Systems: Workloads today are no longer what they used to be some five or even ten years back. The variety and number of workloads which any one organization manages has expanded beyond what could have been realistically expected. IBM says it continues to provide both systems and software that are workload optimized to improve economics, performance and utilization rates.