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Ritual Specialists Invade Hospital in Search of Human Organs

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Normal.dotm 0 0 1 499 2849 huhuonline 23 5 3498 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false can disclose that patients at the Central Hospital in Benin City, Edo state are now gripped with fear as they woke up Wednesday morning to discover that strange visitors had plundered the maternity wards in search of babies and human

 organs for ritual purposes.
A source at the hospital revealed to that items like umbilical cords, sanitary pads, used cotton wools and other wastes usually kept in medically recommended places after delivery and other medical processes are often times collected by suspected ritual and voodoo specialists who invade the hospital at about midnight when unsuspecting patients are asleep.

Findings have however, indicated that the invaders end up carting away human parts along with patients' personal items such monies and mobile telephone after breaking into the buildings of the hospital.

A patient who spoke on condition of anonymity disclosed that the incident is recurring due to the hospital's insecurity, calling on the state government to ensure adequate security of lives and property of patients at the hospital.

Meanwhile, doctors, nurses, administrative staffs and patients in the hospital now live in perpetual fear even as they are yet to recover from the traumatic experiences in the hands of suspected ritual and voodoo specialists.

One of the nurses at the maternity ward who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the attack took place at about 1:00am, saying that the attackers did not succeed in taking away any new babies as the babies were taken to safety before the attackers finally came into the ward.

Narrating the ordeals face by patients, Mr. Bernard Isokponba, whose wife, Mrs. Isokponba is nursing a baby, revealed that 'the invaders attacked the hospital and took my wife's mobile handset, and she had to run upstairs for safety with the hour-old baby boy.'

'I was with my wife at the labour ward till about 11.45pm when they told me to go and bring money because they were going to induce her. So, I went home. But at about 12 midnight she called me to say that some persons had broken into the hospital and robbed them.'

'My wife who had barely regained strength had to run upstairs with my baby boy to hide where she believed she was safe. I am here to formally report to the hospital management and to tell them to find ways of protecting patients here. More so as we are aware that this not the first time something like this is happening,' he said.

Confirming the ugly incident, the hospital secretary, Mr. Isaac Asein, said 'the hospital has employed private security guards to prevent such embarrassment. The invaders were mere area boys',  adding that 'they have always come here to attack patients at the maternity ward from time to time but the management is tackling the challenges they pose to the hospital.'

'Something happened at the early hours of this morning. We learnt that they were thieves, probably pick pockets, who broke into the premises and stole some handsets and cash from some patients,' adding that, 'Few hours later, someone was arrested and taken to the police station. The hospital is investigating the incident with the help of the police and our private security outfits.'

Although the hospital denied that the invaders were ritual and voodoo specialists in search of human parts for money making business.