INTERVIEW:musician KEFEE now officially single.

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Kefee at the just concluded NMWA
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Kefee is definitely one singer who knows how to rasie a storm with her rich voice. after her hit album 'branamah',theres been no stopping her,not even the breakup of her marriage could break her.she tells us a few things in this now officially single!

-How have you been kefee?

....i have been good,i am doing great.

-You seem to have picked up the peices of your life after your marraige broke down.

......Yes,i have.

-Your song kokoroko seems to be making more waves than your last attempt 'branama'

..... I thank God,branama did great and its still selling and being appreciated all over,you know,nah who know me before?kokoroko video for the 1st time got 6 nominations and 2 awards at the just concluded nigeria music video awards.i also recently toured europe and everywhere i performed the song, they asked for more and it felt good to see the responses and hear people sing along with me.

-There were whispers that you were broke after your marriage packed up,what is your financial status now?

....I am okay now and i give thanks to God for elevating me when i was at my lowest. i thank God who never leaves his own,he doesnt take sides but takes over,he took over my situation and i thank him for everything.thats why i say,i love the way he holds me.

-How rich are you now?

...I dont want to use the word rich,i just want to say that i am blessed.

-Rapper timaya is part of the kokoroko success story,is he sharing in the success as well?

....Sure he is,he loves the song and is very happy that the video got some awards.

-So after kokoroko what next?

...I am working on other videos which will be on vcd and it will be out soon,my line of watches,that is a kefee designed switz watch will be out with the vcd in december fans will have the oppotunity to win some fantastic prizes when they buy my vcd,there ll be a raffle draw for them to pick up their prizes,some will also have the opportunityto win a trip kefee to Love African concert tour.we will also we ll be touring some african countries starting from Nigeria & Ghana.

-So tell us,are you now officially single?

.....Yes,i am.

-Are you in a new realtionship?


-As a christain are you practising what you preach?are you on talking terms with your ex husband?

....I dont want to talk about my past please.

-Where do you see the kefee brand in two years?

...Where the creator of the universe wants the brand kefee to be.God is in controlof the brand kefee,so whereever he leads i will follow and i know that hecan never ever lead me astray.

By sTeLla dK

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