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THE WORLD'S FIRST DEATH-FREE AND IMMORTAL BEINGS ARE AFRIKANS or WHY ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE DEATH-LESS AND IMMORTAL BEINGS, c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. Death is not an end to Life on Earth but the means to a better Life as Spirit hereafter.

2. You need not fear or hate death as your Enemy.
3. The world's first idea, concept and existence of Death originates in Continental Afrika not as a negative but Positive experience all lives on Earth adhere to with pleasure and pride.

4. For, before your present physical, material or visible Form, Shape, Size, Height, Colour or Sex on Earth, you were a Spirit Being with the Divine Power to do whatever you want as part and parcel of your Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

5. Your Earthly Existence simply means, your Spirit leaving on his or her own accord his or her own Spirit or Invisible World for a Life on Earth not as Spirit but as a Physical Being with material and spiritual needs to fulfill.

6. Before manifesting himself or herself on Earth as a Physical Being, the Spirit decides on his or her own what Divine Mission or Lesson of Life does she/he want to come and experience on Earth that she misses in her/his previous life, how long she/he will need on Earth to accomplish her chosen Mission on Earth, what will be the best form of life to assume that will enable him/her to learn faster his or her lesson in life and so on.

7. That means, deciding in advance as a Spirit whether he/she will be born on Earth as a Perfect or deformed Human Being, as poor or rich, as strong or weak, as black or white, as a woman or a man, as a Bird, Plant, Stone, Herb, Fish, Animal and others, how best he/she will come into the physical world, who will be his/her parents and why, whether he/she will have a bigger, smaller or no family, which part of the world he/she will prefer to be born and why and what type of physical Being he/she wants to be, good or bad, and how he/she will prefer to leave the Earth back to her/his Divine Source and World after the Earth's Work or Mission has been accomplished.

8. That is why to Children of Mother Continental Afrika, Death simply means the Divine Right and Freedom of every Life on Earth to return to his/her Spiritual Home or Source of AFRIKAMAWU from the Earth upon successful completion of his/her Chosen Mission on Earth.

9. Without this, no Spirit Being, in his/her comfortable and problem-free Spirit and Divine Home with AFRIKAMAWU with no needs or wants to bother him/her ,will leave willingly to the Earth to be locked up for a given period of time, in a given Body, Shape or Fresh whose needs and wants are sometimes difficult to fulfill let alone harmonize with the needs and wants of his/her Divine Self or Being.

10. That is why to the Children of Mother Continental Afrika, Positive, Perfect and Successful physical Existence or Life on Earth means, the Spirit Being of that physical Body has succeeded in using his physical Body as a Means or Ally in the fulfillment of his/her Divine Mission on Earth.

11. This means, the achievement of Perfect Harmony, Total Peace and Cooperation between the Spirit Being and his/her needs and the Body Being and his/her needs on Earth.

12. And when this happens at any given time, the Spirit is said to have accomplished successfully her/his Mission on Earth and is free to go back to his/her Divine Source in AFRIKAMAWU.

13. As soon as the Spirit is ready to rejoin or go back to his/her Maker AFRIKAMAWU as Pure, Immortal, Holy, Perfect, Positive Spirit, Energy and Power, the Spirit whom mortals call death comes for the Body's Spirit to go to the next Plane of Life or Existence that the Spirit's degree of consciousness entitles him/her to.

14. Death is said to be a means to an end when there is Perfect Understanding and Cooperation between the Spirit and Death.

15. However, this kind of harmonious and peaceful Death can only occur when the Spirit of your Body is ready for Death.

16. And the Spirit can be ready for Death only when he/she has successfully accomplished his/her Work or Mission on Earth and on time.

17. This means, he/she has passed her own Divine Test of life and has, as a Spirit, purified herself/himself of all Earthly impurities that might block /prevent him/her from flying back to the Source and fitting exactly into his/her Spiritual Divine Source or Spot in AFRIKAMAWU.

18. The Test for your Spirit on Earth to pass includes whether or not he/she has been able to remain a Pure, Perfect, Holy, and Divine Spirit in the face of world/earthly distractions or whether or not she/he has allowed himself/herself to be contaminated, soiled, weakened, distracted, disconnected or uprooted by trivial earthly activities or pre-occupation that make him/her to forget her/his Original Spirit and Divine Root, Beingness and Mission on Earth.

19. In other words, Perfection or Holiness of the Spirit in Human Flesh means Success and Victory for the Spirit.

20. To the Spirit Beings, it is easier for any Spirit in the Spirit World to be a Spirit, Perfect, Holy, Immortal, Divine and so on. no matter the duration or the challenges.

21. But to still remain a Holy Spirit in the Body or Flesh World is not only difficult but requires a lot of daily work adjustment, learning, and over-coming a lot of earthly temptations.

22. So, each Spirit in the Spirit World of AFRIKAMAWU, from time to time, decides in consultation with the Creator AFRIKAMAWU and other Saint Spirits, to come on Earth to pass their life test and accomplish their Earthly Divine Mission on Earth as Holy Manifestations of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU on Earth.

23. Passing his/her test on Earth on time means the Spirit in Human Flesh has Regained his/her Divine Right to return Home and be welcome back to his/her Divine Source or Root as a Wiser Spirit or Saint.

24. To pass his/her Test also means, the Spirit deserves to be accompanied royally and majestically back Home.

25. Passing his/her Test on Earth also means he/she has not wasted his/her Divine Time, Energy, Expertise or Talent on Earth.

26. That, he/she has been able to make a Positive contribution to the betterment of Life on Earth.

27. This means, any Spirit who does good through his/her Body on Earth is not doing that to please or displease AFRIKAMAWU his/her Creator.

28. The do-good Spirit of Every Form of Life seeks and attains Perfection or Oneness with his/her Creator AFRIKAMAWU and the Universe through his/her Goodness as a way of winning back his/her Divine Source and World of AFRIKAMAWU.

29. For, at the time of Death, only his/her Body, that is, his/her physical vehicle or garment is discarded while the Spirit moves on to the next phase or sphere of Life.

30. Because the Spirit has accomplished his or her Mission on Earth, she/he does no more need the Body or Flesh to help her/him in his/her Earthly Task.

31. Hence, upon completion of his/her Mission on Earth, the Perfect, Holy, and Divine Spirit of the Flesh/Body is free to go back to her/his Divine Source of AFRIKAMAWU without being judged, rewarded or punished by AFRIKAMAWU or any other Power.

32. All because, at the time of Death, every Spirit without his/her Body is free and left alone to judge himself/herself on the Divine Scale of Divine Life to reward or punish herself/himself.

33. If at the end of his/her life on Earth, the Spirit can fly back to her Source or leave the Earth with Death in Total Peace, Harmony and Dignity, it means he/she has been judged by his/her Good Deeds and bad deeds and found victorious, blame-worthy, perfect, holy and immortal with the Power, Right, Duty and Responsibility to return in pomp and honour to his/her Spirit Source in and World of AFRIKAMAWU.

34. So, to Children of Mother Continental Afrika, it is not true that at the end of one's life on Earth, people are judged, rewarded or punished by their Creator sitting on a throne, somewhere in the sky.

35. All because, the Spirit part of every Human Being cannot and does not die but is always immortal and goes back to his/her Original Source not as a Physical Being or Person but as a Spirit Being of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

36. Hence, it is not true that people can and need to be saved by a Saviour or by their Creator to qualify for life after death.

37. For, Life after death is not given but innate to all Forms of Creation of Life that come to Earth as Human and Non-Human Beings.

38. Every Spirit as Immortal Being is born on Earth as Immortal Being in the Body or Flesh.

39. So, Death is nothing but the Resurrection of the Spirit from his/her Body/Fresh/Tomb and the Physical World in which he/she has stayed locked up or kept or buried for the number of periods and times the Spirit decides to Live in his/her Body or Prison or Tomb on Earth.

40. This means, Resurrection of the Dead after Death does not mean our Dead Bodies leaving physically their dead or rotten bodies and ascending to the sky in their physical bodies.

41. It is rather, the Spirit and not his/her rotten physical Body that has the Immortal and Eternal Power after death to resurrect from his/her dead Body and physically ascend back to her Divine Source as a conscious Spirit and not as a Body, after he/she has passed her Test of Life on Earth by achieving oneness with her/his Creator.

42. But to the Spirit that has failed his/her test on Earth, he/she may decide to be born again in any Life Form as a Reincarnated Spirit Being to enable him/her to accomplish his/her Mission on Earth that alone can qualify and entitle her/him to his/her peaceful and dignified Return Ticket and Honorable Death escort back Home.

43. Or, he or she may decide to become a wandering and aimless spirit with no fixed mission, agenda or abode ready to do anything for anybody, good or bad that calls upon him/her.

44. Hence, a failed spirit is the one who has forgotten his/her Original Divine Mission on Earth.

45. He/she becomes so pre-occupied with Earthly things that make him/her forget what he/she has come to do on Earth or he/she has little or no time to accomplish her Divine Mission or simply he/she decides while on Earth to abandon her Divine Mission for something else.

46. Whatever the reasons, an abandoned, unfulfilled, or uncompleted Divine Mission on Earth by any Spirit in a Human Form is not only a breach of Divine Contract between his/her Spirit and Flesh and between the Spirit and her/his Divine Creator AFRIKAMAWU, it also shows lack of will power and self control and self mastery that does not befit a Spirit of AFRIKAMAWU no matter the circumstances.

47. Hence, unfulfilled Divine Mission in Life is unfulfilled life characterized by violent or painful or untimely Death since Death has the right to snatch you away if you fail your part of the contract between you and Death.

48. Unfulfilled Divine Mission is also a life of perpetual surviving, grabbing, struggling, chasing, constant state of war, tension, stress, eternal dissatisfaction, fear, anger, worry, misfortunes upon misfortunes as Divine Warnings or Messages to bring or put you back on track.

49. If the Message is heard on time and you become yourself again and at One with your Divine Mission, your Mission may be accomplished if it is not too late.

50. But whatever happens, unfulfilled Divine Mission means a lack of cooperation, balance, harmony and peace between the goals of Spirit Being and his/her Physical Being.

51. Instead of working together as members of one Team as Spirit and Body for their common good in peace and harmony, the out-of-tune Spirit and his/her Flesh/body go their separate ways.

52. That is why, to children of Mother Continental Afrika, there is no Death.

53. Because through their Spirit, they live forever and ever more here and hereafter.

54. Each Spirit manifests herself/himself on Earth as Immortal Being and leaves his/her Body back to the Spirit World and Source after his/her Divine Mission is accomplished on Earth as Immortal Spirit.

55. As far as they are therefore concerned, what happens at the time of Death is not Death as the End, but Death as Transition in which your Spirit Being/Personality regains or assumes back his/her Innate and Natural Immortality as a Resurrected Being from his/her state of "prison" or "tomb" symbolized by his/her being locked on Earth in a physical world, form and shape.

56. Through Death, each Spirit gains back his/her right to leave and rise up or resurrect from his/her Dead Body or Tomb to reclaim the Heaven of his/her Original Divine Spirit Freedom and Being as integral parcel of AFRIKAMAWU in Heaven here and after.

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