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By NBF News
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Charly Boy was the cynosure of all eyes at the screening at the premiere episode of the Nigerian Idol Season 2.Dressed in his trademark all black ensemble, shades, cowboy boots with sharp pointed rotating swivels at the back of his left foot, he had a bowler hat to complete the picture.

But what attracted A-list celebrities, guests and keen onlookers were the two ladies 'strapped' on either of his sides. They really looked like 'virgins' from Allen Avenue.

Charly boy and his angels
Scantily clad in transparent leggings, these 'virgins' wore leggings that did very little to conceal the parts of the body generally exposed in the bathroom. High heeled shoes and body fitting strapless tops completed their look.

However, it was their ninja face masks that really made the difference, making the 'virgins' look like trained Kung-fu fighters. One even had a silver skull on her right hand.

We wondered if this was just to capture some attention which he inevitably got.

So many questions but our insider told us that they were specifically chosen by the Area Fada himself to help in revalidating the potency of his African Magic. It was said that the silver colored human skull that one of the ladies was bearing was not just for nothing.

As he posed to take pictures with his fans and admirers, one could only wonder why Charly Boy has refused to join the league of elder statesmen in the entertainment industry. Instead, he has chosen to identify with the young and restless. Whatever it is, we will be watching.