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Condolences on the death of a cooperation worker in Burundi

By Italy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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ROME, Italy, November 28, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- The foreign ministry confirmed the death of an Italian cooperation worker in Burundi in an armed assault against a religious mission in Ngozi. From a reconstruction of the dynamics of the episode, it seems the worker was initially abducted and subsequently killed. The armed assault on the convent also resulted in the wounding of an Italian sister, who underwent surgery during the night.

Once informed of what had happened, Minister for Foreign Affairs Giulio Terzi immediately contacted Ambassador Stefano Dejak in Kampala, also accredited for Burundi, for first-hand information on the tragic event.

Ambassador Dejak and Honorary Consul in Bujunbura Guido Ghirini, who are in continuous contact with the foreign ministry's Crisis Unit in Rome, immediately arranged for medical assistance for the wounded sister. Ambassador Dejak also contacted the wife of the cooperation worker killed, extending the solidarity and profound condolences of all the Italian institutions, along with the complete availability of all necessary support.

The Italian sister is currently being treated at the Kiremba Hospital, and is not in critical condition.