Chioma Omeniho
Chioma Omeniho
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Imo-Nigeria born but United State of America based model and a beauty to behold, Chioma Omeniho is one of the leggy of beauties that are seriously competing to win the Miss Africa USA crown. The beauty pageant, Miss Africa USA is one of the beauty contests in the States where intelligent, beauty and skills are criteria that can emerge a winner. Impressively, our own Chioma has all these attributes and, with your support, has been able to scale through some hurdles but she still need more votes to be able to record unprecedented success in the finals.

“A research was done on malaria in Africa and it showed that malaria is a major cause of child mortality. Also nursing mothers are at risk too as they share major attack from this syndrome. Why don't we join hands together to provide resources and also education on preventive measures on malaria? If I become the MISS AFRICA USA, I would make sure that donations in form of insecticide treated nets, and also other preventive measures are being sent down to help the children and future leaders of Africa. Please vote for me, thank you” She pleaded

Having gone through rigorous training in the States by top models 'groomers', the ever-smiling beautiful Chioma is well-positioned to win the Miss Africa USA, 2009 Crown for Nigeria. All she needs from you now is to log on to, look at the left side of the screen for a display where the VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE CONTESTANT is, CHIOMA OMENIHO's name is the 10th on the list, mark and click VOTE.
You can never tell what that one vote may do, are you still waiting? Keep on voting for Chioma Omeniho, the Public Administration graduate of Madonna University, Nigeria, who's ready to make Nigeria proud.

Story by Alonge Michael