What would you do if you gave birth to a deformed child?

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To some people, life is beautiful while to others, there is nothing worth joyful in life because of their experience. This often makes one wonder if there is a real God that answers the prayer of his children especially when they are faced with situations and circumstances that seem unbearable. Like some women in Nigeria, after being faced with the difficulties and pains of carrying their children in their wombs for nine months, they end up giving birth to physically challenged babies and the society in most cases frowns at these children. Trend Reaction's RITA IGHODALO asked people what they would do if they gave birth to deformed children.

Sandra Elabor
First of all, I will not be happy to see that after all that I have labored for my unborn child she then comes out deformed, but that will not stop me from keeping the child and taking good care of the child because she might be my only child. No matter the deformity of the child I will take her the way she is and make her a great citizen of Nigeria.

Tina Martins
I will just take the news with good faith and believe God for a better one, even if the child is not normal it does not mean that I should not take care of the child. I will treat her like every other child because I have come to realize that children with deformity often have the brains to make them special in their academics. I will even give the child special care.

Glory George
Whether the baby is deformed or not, I will carry my baby home and be a happy mother as long as I know that the child is not dead then why am I complaining after all some people go into labour and they do not come out alive. I will even thank God the more and be happy that I have a baby that is alive; I will take very good care of the child and make him the best child in the world.

James Otiko
Two things will determine if I will keep the deformed child, first of all, the level of the deformity of the child and how the mother will react towards the child. If the child has Down syndrome I will not mind keeping the baby and probably registering him in their association but if the child is paralyzed or a “Dundy” I will advice my wife not to carry the baby home because taking care of the child will not be an easy task.

Eunice Ekosodi
I know that it will not be good news but I will accept the baby because I do not know if that is the only child that I will have in this life. What if I throw the baby into a canal or I reject the child and some one else that is so desperate to have a child carries the child and I end up not having another issue. I will keep the child with the faith that God will bring other children that are not deformed. Having a deformed child does not mean that I have come to the end of the world I will just try my best to take care of the child.

Chinyere Orji
If I have a deformed child, I will do all that I can to take good care of the child, I will not make him feel inferior despite the challenges that he might be facing I will make him see himself as a very important person and I will tell him that my world is not complete without him. I will show him love and will not make him feel like he is a physically challenged person.

Abiodun Ariyo
First of all, if that happens to my wife, I will show her some love and shower her with gifts so that she will not feel unhappy because it is not easy to carry a child for nine months and at the end of the day you give birth to an imbecile or a child that is paralyzed from head to toe. If Left alone, I will abandon the child in the hospital but before I do that my wife and I have to come to an agreement as to what we should to with the baby. I will definitely advice her to abandon the baby and that God will bring a better and complete one.

Ngozi Dike
Like the popular saying goes, “who get cap no get head” how can God give me a child and the fact that he is deformed I will now reject the child. I will accept the baby the way he is and make him more than a normal child he will be specially taken care of. There is probability that God wants to try my faith maybe if I treat him well God will open more doors for me and give me more able kids. I will not reject him.

Juliana Ahamefule
It depends on the level of the deformity, take for instance, if the child has Down Syndrome I will not mind taking care of the child and even joining the Association of Down Syndrome to help me take proper care of the child but if the child is suffering from hydrocephalus or any other terrible disease, the moment the doctor tells me about the child I will not carry the baby home, although it will be a painful experience to abandon a child that I carried in my stomach for nine months I will let the baby go because others will come. The truth is that it is not easy to cater for such deformed children financially and morally so I will just throw away the thought of keeping the child.

Nkechi Okpara
It is only those that do not know the worth of a child that will reject him just because he is deformed. I will never abandon a child that I carried in my stomach for nine months just because the doctor says he is deformed no matter the level of the deformity I will accept him the way he is and believe God for a miracle. What if that is the only child that I was meant to have, imagine me throwing that child away and someone that is desperately in need of a child carries the child and takes good care of him and I do not have any other child in life. Then I will never forgive myself.