Australian Professionals are coming to explore investment potentials of AK -Gov.


  There are strong indications that Australian professionals may soon come to Akwa Ibom State to explore the investment potentials of the state. Akwa Ibom Governor, Chief Godswill O. Akpabio who announced this yesterday shortly on arrival at Akwa Ibom International Airport after official overseas trip to Perth in Australia said the professionals are coming on a trade delegation to discuss with the state government

on investment potentials of the state.
Akpabio stated ''I went with President Goodluck E. Jonathan to Australia to attend the Commonwealth Heads of States (CHOGM) at Perth. I was one of the delegates from Nigeria to accompany our president, and I was opportune to go with him. Of course, in Australia I had a series of meetings with miners because the city we went is predominately a mining community and I must tell you that the economic meltdown affecting the world today does not affect Australia''. Far away there, the people are practising true federalism. The Western Australia has a budget of $200 billion for a state and that state alone saved the economy of Australia. We had a series of meetings in which professionals are coming to explore the potentials of Akwa Ibom. Soon, we are going to have a trade delegation from United Arab Emirates and the same thing would happen with the people from Australia, who may come before the people from the UAE  to bring dividend of democracy to Akwa Ibom State in terms of direct investments in the state'', the Governor pointed out.


On the Commander of the Order of Niger (CON) award to be conferred on him by the Federal Government on November 14, this year,  Akpabio explained ''I see it as a confirmation award to the people of Akwa Ibom State. That shows that things are getting better and I give glory to God that I am among those who are recognized by the nation. If at any time you put in your very best to do what you are doing and if God does not recognize you, human beings may not. So for me to be recognized among those who made contributions to the nation, I give glory to God. Secondly, it is a pride to Akwa Ibom. It is a great recognition for the good people of Akwa Ibom State and to new Akwa Ibom state''.

The Governor ''When Nigeria counts among its first five states, Akwa Ibom would always be mentioned. I think that is the essence of that honour and for the first time, the Federal Government has decided to add certain performing governors among the list of honourees for 2011. The honour goes to the good people of Akwa Ibom who gave me the opportunity to serve them''.

Akwa Ibom Government has concluded plans to turn the state to a mini Dubai in terms of tourism in Nigeria to create job opportunities for people. Akwa Ibom Governor, Chief Godswill O. Akpabio who announced this Sunday shortly on arrival at Akwa Ibom International Airport after official overseas trip recalled '' I first sent a delegation in advance led by the state Deputy Governor, Mr. Nsima Ekere to the United Arab Emirates where they held a series of meetings with different investors. They met with the eminent groups and also met with the administrators in Dubai.  They also met with various groups including real estates in Dubai. You have to understand that in the Middle East, Dubai is a success story. We are trying to recreate in Nigeria a mini Dubai''.

''It should be a model state that Nigeria should see as a resort everybody should come to. So we believe that there should be a sister relationship between the city of Dubai and the city of Uyo. I went to Dubai to join the team. I was privileged to meet with Sheik Shakema-matu. He is from a royal family and also the chairman of United Arab Emirates' groups and Chairman of about 25 other companies. I went on a tour of the entire Dubai Airport and to the longest shopping mall in the world built in Dubai. They have done tremendously well'', Akpabio noted.

 The Governor recounted ''I just wish that I could carry enough people of Akwa Ibom along with me, so that they can see things for themselves and begin to appreciate the vision, appreciate the flyovers, appreciate the idea of a second five-star hotel and even a three-star hotel as well as an international conference centres. For a state to get to that standard, we want to place in Nigeria, they must appreciate the vision of Ibaka Seaport and the expansion of the airport to build a big terminal, the first of its kind in Africa and begin to have cargo flights from here to other countries. Those are things that we want here and those things would bring multiple of job creation to alleviate the sufferings of our graduates who are roaming the streets. And this is what governments all over the world must think of how to create jobs and take the most idle children off the streets''.