Spiritual Speculations, Yoruba Films Casts

Source: http://nigeriafilms.com

All over the world, there are often speculations on how film producers and directors choose casts for their productions. In Hollywood, producers have been frequently accused of sex for roles. However, it is quite obvious that Hollywood producers also have a knack for discovering talents and that merit comes to play in casting for roles. Then when you come back home the Nollywood has over the years been bogged with talk that sex for roles reigning supreme with only a very few directors and the all powerful producers putting talents into consideration when selecting cast for their films, though at many occasions Nollywood directors have described the sex for role talk as nothing but the wicked imaginations of outsiders, whom they say know nothing about the industry.

In Kano where Hausa movie producers operate, the best skills the movie financiers' watch out for are dancing and singing. But the most amazing of the basis for selecting cast is in the Yoruba movie industry. Insiders told www.nollywoodgists.com that majority of film producers in the Yoruba film industry will only cast an actor if he has been divinely cleared by a marabout or a pastor. If an actor does not have luck to sell a film he or she will not be cast. Shikena!