I Was Never Jailed-----Sunny Melody

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A Nigerian juju musician based in the United Kingdom, Sunday Adeola a.k.a. Sunny Melody, was in the country recently. He spoke with http://nollywoodgists.com about his rumoured imprisonment and other issues

Q: Why are you in Nigeria?
A: I came back on Tuesday for an engagement scheduled for Saturday.

Q: Is this how you sneak in and out of the country?
A: Not really. I only come when I have engagements, more so, I am trying to relocate to Nigeria.

Q: The last time you released an album was a duet with Pasuma titled Personification. How is the album doing?
A: Very well, both in Nigeria and abroad.

Q: You are a UK-based juju music artiste, how popular is the music in the UK?
A: Juju is very popular in the UK, more than in Nigeria. We play at concerts, festivals and other shows. I can beat my chest that juju is very popular over there.

Q: Ten years in UK, how has it been?
A: Very well. Right now, I am working towards coming home because there is no place like home.

Q: There was a rumour that you were jailed in the UK, is it true?
A: Well, as you can see, I am not in jail, but when you are in another man's land, you could fall victim of the law you are not aware of. I was not jailed, but had a little problem.

Q: What kind of offence did you commit, rape, drug or any shady deal?
A: No, it was not a serious offence. You know, when you are abroad, there are some offences you consider as minor in Nigeria, but which are major abroad.

Q: What was the offence?
A: It was just a minor driving offence, I was not sentenced or fined, I was only warned.

Q: So what are you bringing to Nigeria now?
A: Good things. I am trying to release another album next year, God willing and that will facilitate my return from UK back home.

Q: Is it a juju album or another colabo?
A: Yes, a juju album, but I may feature some hip hop artistes.

Q: What is the title?
A: I will not let the cat out of the bag now. Work has begun on it and I have been making contacts with some artistes. Just wait and see when it is out by the first quarter of next year.

Q: Why did you relocate abroad in the first instance?
A: For greener pastures.

Q: Who are those in your category in the UK music scene?
A: We thank God we have Jide Chord, Diya Ojo, Segun Dynamix, Segun Obejo, Segun Vibres, Dele Achiever, Soji Solee and others. We thank God we are part of front line Juju artistes. To be candid, I am part of those who started the revolution in the UK.

Q: How will you rate yourself?
A: I will say I am within the first five.

Q: Back home, how do you intend to feature in the Nigerian music scene?
A: I would not be a new comer to the Nigerian music scene because I think I am well known and have a fan base in the country.

Q: What is your unique selling point?
A: My voice and stage craftsmanship.

Q: Which Nigerian juju artiste is hot in the UK?
A: Well, I wouldn't know whether Yinka Ayefele is a juju musician, but he is hot in the UK. If I have to mention names, Mega '99 and KSA for now.

Q: In Nigeria, there is the belief that juju music is on its way to extinction and you are coming home to play it. Are you sure you are ready for it?
A: Juju music is not dead. If you go to parties and events, you will discover that on weekly basis, no show is complete without a juju artiste performing. So, I am equal to the task. Juju is good.

Q: Why did you choose a fuji artiste for a duet, especially Pasuma?
A: Pasuma is a good friend of mine and he is hot. More so, I wanted to use the medium to launch myself into Nigeria musically.

Q: What things are you putting in place ahead of your home coming?
A: I am planning a regular gig side by side the new album.

Q: Ten years in the UK, what have you achieved?
A: Money and fame.

Q: What happened to your first album titled O yato?
A: It was a commercial success in Nigeria and also sold very well in the UK.

Q: O yato, On the dance floor and Personification, which of these albums did very well?
A: Personification.

Q: Did you do any other job in the UK apart from music?
A: I have never done any odd job except music.