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The Administration has been alerted of an upsurge of offensive and foul language in our forums despite the repeated publication of a disclaimer calling forumites to the contrary. Having said that, the Administration will resort to deleting every comments that are posted in capital letters (that is shouting!) or tribal languages. We will also delete any derogatory, insulting or violent terms. Name calling is not a welcome practice either, it never has been.

We posted a disclaimer trusting that it would appeal to the responsibility of our adult readership who post on our forums. We trusted that forumites were responsible enough to make the forums a vibrant place to exchange ideas in a healthy and responsible manner. It is allowed to agree that you disagree with a fellow forumite without resorting to name calling and the use of degrading language.

We are very much aware that the majority of our forumites are being bothered by just a small group who are spoiling the joy and the fun of the majority.

If you feel you can't or won't allow other forumites express their views freely because they don't meet your standards and you can't express that disagreement in a responsible manner, then please take your standards somewhere else.

If respect of yourself and others isn't part of your values and principles, we trust that you will find other places to express yourself.
If you don't have anything good to say and you feel you can't say it in a mature manner, you can trust that we don't want to hear it either. Hold your peace or go say it somewhere else.

We are striving to elevate the intellectual level of our discussions and interactions, anyone interested in this same goal is absolutely welcome to do so. Otherwise, we bid you a heartfelt farewell and you won't be missed.

Thank you for your valuable time.

The Administration.