Bigiano tours SA

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Showtime People Jul 24, 2009 Things are sure looking up for Bigiano, the Shayo Master who is presently on a tour of some cities in South Africa. Just back from the United States where he was a guest of the organizers of the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, NEA, the fair-skinned dude left Nigeria on Wednesday, July 22, for Johannesburg, from where he is expected to kick-start a series of performances spanning about five cities.

Before leaving the country, Bigiano who has been nominated for the Sound City Music Video Awards which holds next Saturday, August 1, disclosed that he would cut short his trip to participate at the glamorous awards ceremony.

Bigiano, the Shayo Master
With four nominations; Best cinematography, Soundcity viewers' choice, Discovery of the year and Best video, Bigiano says, “I am happy that all these things are happening now.

It goes to show that our efforts on producing the video and all the money we spent did not just go down the drain. Personally, it is one thing for people to enjoy watching your video, it is another thing for credible awards organizers to single it out for commendation.

I am truly excited and can't wait for the event to hold.” It would be recalled that the organizers of the Hip Hop World Awards expunged Bigiano's name from its final shortlist alongside some other artistes who they felt their songs glorify alcoholism, internet fraud, pornography and other immoralities.

Though he does not harbor any ill-feeling towards the HHWA organizers, Bigiano says he is happy that he had been vindicated after all.